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Simms, Dad. Dad Simms was created by Frank Richardson Pierce (Frying Pan Austin, CCCContact & Mile High, Greaseball DonovanHardrock, No-Shirt McGee, Flapjack Meehan, Panhandle Pete, Tip, Rusty Wade) and appeared in twenty-five stories in Western Story Magazine from 1924 to 1935, beginning with “Dad Simms, Deputy Marshal” (Western Story Magazine, Apr. 12, 1924).

“Dad” Simms is an older man in the contemporary West—California and Alaska—who was, during the heyday of the Wild West, a noted cowboy and Alaskan “sour dough.” Now he’s old and crotchedy and talks to himself. But he is still tough and a good shot, as those who underestimate him or mistreat sled dogs discover. He is friends with Flapjack Meehan.

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