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The Best of the Encyclopedia

A brief twirl through this encyclopedia will show that some characters, in the their respective character lists, have a * next to their names (i.e., "Fascinax *"). The * indicates that the character and/or the stories or novels or films or comic strips in which that character appears are notable in some way. Not notable because of historical importance, but notable because the character embodies the ideasplosions and pure imagination that are the best aspects of the pulps or because the the stories/novels/etc the character appears in are particularly entertaining or well-written. (Being entertaining or well-written is no bar to being problematic because of various bigotries, of course, as is so often the case with fiction in the pulps). These characters and these stories/novels/etc are the best the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes have to offer, so I decided to group them all on one page, so that people who want a quick introduction to what the Encyclopedia has to offer in its purest form can get it on one page. 

AAbdahalla-Fan, Olaf K. Abelsen, AC-12, Adelita, El Alacran, Alaska-Jim, Roberto AlcazarPâwang Ali, Frank Allan, Alley Oop, Furio Almirante, archy, Arizona Jim, Ayesha, Dusty Ayres 

BAlan BakerByomkesh Bakshi, BakterevBarnaby, Professor Barter, The Bat (I), Batouk, Jamie Bazan, Dr. Belsidus, Knut Berg, Black Mask (III), Sexton Blake, Hannibal Blunt, Dick Bos, Brick Bradford, Heinz Brandt, Albert Brien, Bu-ran YuBuffalo BillJim Buffalo 

C. Dr. Caligari, Captain Easy, Captain Future, Captain Justice, Captain Mors, Doctor Caresco, John CarterNick Carter (I), Mr. Chang, Nick & Nora Charles, Deepak Chatterjee, Hein Class, Sir Ralf Clifford, Leon Clifton, Filip Collin, Connie, Continental Op., Bertha Cool, Jason & Patricia Cordry, Pepe Cortes, Steve Costigan

D. Kurt Danner, Dr. Danton, Robert DarvelDeerslayerProfessor Demonico, Desperate Desmond, Detective Nobody, Harry Dickson, Daffy Dill, Don Dixon, Doan, Doctor Death, Doctor Satan, Fidelity Dove, Kerry Drake, Richard Drake, Valerie Drew, r Dubnotal, Duke, Dan Dunn, Marcel Dunot, Sinclair Noel Brodie Dysart

E. Elang Emas, Ell, El Espectro

F. Frank Faber, Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser, Melville Fairr, Pussy Fane, El Fantasma, Fantômas, rn Farrow, Fascinax, Filibus, Dr. Mary Finney, Firebrand (I), Jonas Fjeld, Colonel Humphrey Flack, Dr. Flame, Dr. Flax, Toto Fouinard, Four Musketeers, Timm Fox, Fu Manchu (I)

G. Gagaklodra, Jo Gar, Garth, Gees, Gene, Brigadier Gerard, Beau Geste, Ghanada, Henri Giraud, Godahl, Golem, Flash Gordon, Gorilla King, Shark Gotch, Gray Maiden, Colin Gray, Nicholas Graydon, Green Lama, Knut Gribb, G-8

H. Hairbreadth Harry, Satan Hall, Richard Hannay, Hansa, Hanshichi, Bob Harder, Doc HarkerHarald Harst, Ben HassettDixon Hawke, He Yufeng, Hercules, Harry Hill, Sherlock Holmes, Holy Joe, Homura Soroku, Kay Hoog, Horatio Hornblower, Horse-Sense Hank, Pa Howdy, Huang Zhisheng, Bull Hunter, Hunterwali, Huo Sang, Hurricane

I. Isaak & Benjamin, Robby Ix, IXE-13 

J. Jack, Doc & Reggie, Jacko the Detective, Janaki, Reginald Jeeves, Billy Jenkins, Jigong, Jim-Joyce, JimGrim, Jirel of Joiry, Johnny Forty-Five, Sam Johnson, Careful Jones, Rocky Jordan, Joseph Jorkens, Judex, Jumelia, Jungle Jim 


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