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The Best of the Encyclopedia

updated 7 October 2021

A brief twirl through this encyclopedia will show that some characters, in their respective character lists, have a * next to their names (i.e., "Fascinax *"). The * indicates that the character and/or the stories or novels or films or comic strips in which that character appears are notable in some way. They might be notable because of historical importance; historically important (if otherwise dull) characters like Craig Kennedy are listed here. The character might be so archetypal a version of a pulp character type that I include them here; characters in this class include Li Shoon (despite his being a contemptible piece of Yellow Peril racism). Most of the characters listed here as the "Best of the Encyclopedia" embody the ideasplosions and pure imagination that are the best aspects of the pulps, or because the stories or novels which the character appears in are particularly interesting, well-written, or just a superior piece of pulp entertainment in general. 

Note that a character's presence here does not mean that the character or the stories/novels which the character appeared in aren't problematic. Being entertaining and well-written has never prevented a story or novel from being racist or sexist or any exhibiting any other bigotry or combination of bigotries. For example, I love the Sanders stories and novels--I think they are highly entertaining--but there's no denying that they're deeply, deeply racist. Problematic heroes in problematic stories is one of the ugly realities of the pulps, and there's no getting around that.

These characters and these stories/novels/etc are the best the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes have to offer, so I decided to group them all on one page, so that people who want a quick introduction to what the Encyclopedia has to offer in its purest form can get it on one page. 

Abbreviations: (a) archetypal character; (c) charming; (d) especially well-drawn or well-illustrated or well-shot; (f) fun to read; (h) of historical importance; (i) contains ideasplosions or a high level of pulpy imagination and imaginative content; (w) especially well-written.  

AAbdahalla-Fan (i), Olaf K. Abelsen (f) (i), AC-12 (i), Adelita (c) (h) (i), Cliff Aeros (a) (h), El Alacran (i), Alaska-Jim (i), Roberto Alcazar (h) (i), Pâwang Ali (f), Frank Allan (h) (i), Alley Oop (f), Furio Almirante (h), Apaches (III) (i), archy (c) (f) (w), Arizona Jim (i), Avni (h), Ayesha (f), Dusty Ayres (h)

BAlan Baker (i), Byomkesh Bakshi (a) (h), Bakterev (i), Barnaby (c), Bill Barnes (a), Professor Barter (i), The Bat (I) (i), Batouk (h), Jamie Bazan (i), Dr. Belsidus (h), Knut Berg (f) (h) (i), Black Mask (III) (h) (i), Sexton Blake (a) (h), Hannibal Blunt (i), Dick Bos (h) (i), Brick Bradford (f) (i), Heinz Brandt (i), Albert Brien (a) (i), Father Brown (w), Bu-ran Yu (h), Buffalo Bill (h) (i), Jim Buffalo (i)

C. Dr. Caligari (h) (w) Captain Easy (d) (f) (h) (w), Captain Future (a), Captain Justice (i), Captain Mors (a) (h), Doctor Caresco (h), John Carter (a) (f), Nick Carter (I) (a) (h) (i), Hopalong Cassidy (h), Mr. Chang (a), Nick & Nora Charles (a) (f) (h) (w), Deepak Chatterjee (h) (i), Hein Class (i), Sir Ralf Clifford (i), Leon Clifton (h) (i), Filip Collin (f) (h), Conan (a) (f) (h), Connie (c) (f) (d), Continental Op. (h) (w), Bertha Cool (h), Pepe Cortes (h), Steve Costigan (f)

D. Kurt Danner (i), Dr. Danton (i), Robert Darvel (i), Deerslayer (i), Desperate Desmond (f), Detective Nobody (i), Harry Dickson (i), Daffy Dill (f), Don Dixon (i), Doan (c) (f), Doctor Death (a), Doctor Satan (a), Fidelity Dove (a), Richard Drake (a), Valerie Drew (a), r Dubnotal (a), Duke (a), Dan Dunn (i), Marcel Dunot (h), Sinclair Noel Brodie Dysart (f)

E. Elang Emas (a) (h), Ell (f), El Espectro (i)

F. Frank Faber (i), Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser (f) (h), Melville Fairr (w), Pussy Fane (w), El Fantasma (i), Fantômas (a) (f) (h) (w), rn Farrow (i), Fascinax (i), Filibus (d), Dr. Mary Finney (w), Firebrand (I) (f), Jonas Fjeld (i), Colonel Humphrey Flack (f), Dr. Flame (w), Dr. Flax (i), Toto Fouinard (a), Four Musketeers (i), Timm Fox (i), Fu Manchu (I) (a) (w)

G. Gagaklodra (a) (h), Jo Gar (f) (w), Garth (i), Gene (f) (i), Brigadier Gerard (f) (w), Beau Geste (f) (w), Ghanada (f), Godahl (w), Golem (d), Flash Gordon (d) (f) (h), Gorilla King (i), Colin Gray (a), Nicholas Graydon (w), Knut Gribb (a), G-8 (a)

H. Hairbreadth Harry (f), Satan Hall (a), Richard Hannay (w), Hansa (a), Hanshichi (a), Bob Harder (i), Doc Harker (f), Harald Harst (a) (h) (i), Ben Hassett (w), Dixon Hawke (i), He Yufeng (a), Hercules (a), Harry Hill (f), Sherlock Holmes (a) (f) (h), Holy Joe (w), Homura Soroku (i), Kay Hoog (d) (f), Horatio Hornblower (a) (h) (w), Horse-Sense Hank (f), Pa Howdy (f), Huang Zhisheng (i), Bull Hunter (c) (w), Hunterwali (a), Huo Sang (a) (h), Hurricane (i)

I. Isaak & Benjamin (i), Robby Ix (i), IXE-13 (a) (i) 

J. Jack, Doc & Reggie (f), Jacko the Detective (f), Janaki (h), Reginald Jeeves (c) (f) (w), Billy Jenkins (i), Jigong (f) (h), Jim-Joyce (i), JimGrim (f), Jirel of Joiry (f) (h), Johnny Forty-Five (f), Sam Johnson (f), Careful Jones (f), Rocky Jordan (f), Joseph Jorkens (f) (w), Judex (h), Jumelia (a) (f), Jungle Jim (f) 

KPrincess Kah (i), Kai Lung (c) (f) (w), Harri Kander (a), Solomon Kane (f), Karmesin (f), Craig Kennedy (a) (h), Captain Kettle (f), Chin Kwang Kham (f), Khlit (f), King Kong (I) (d) (f) (h), Ethel King (a) (i), Ken King (a), Sergeant King (a), Lord Kingsley (i), Kimball Kinnison (a), Coffin Kirk (f), Moris Klaw (f), John Kling (a) (h) (i), Loke Klingsor (i), Kogoro Akechi (h), Sun Koh (a) (i), Horst Kraft (i), Asbjorn Krag (a), Dr. Cornelius Kramm (f) (i), Kurama Tengu (a)

L. Lady Ghost (f) (h), Lampiao (h), Sophie Lang (f), Tomas Lann (h), Arsen Lapin (i), Jean Larocque (h) (i), Rosalie Le Grange (f), Lê Phong (h), Nelson Lee (i), Terry Lee (d) (f) (h) (w), Vivian LeGrand (f), Doctor Lerne (f), Li Mu Bai (a), Li Shoon (a), Pekka Lipponen (f), Lord Lister (a) (h), Little Nemo (d) (f) (h) (w), Little Orphan Annie (f), Bert Little (f), Ferrers Locke (a), Quentin Locke (i), Lone Ranger (a), Los (a), Armand Louque (f) (i), Fourth Madam Lu (h), Lu Ping (a), Arsene Lupien (i), Arsene Lupin (a) (f)

M. Doctor Mabuse (a) (f) (h), The Madame (f), Jules Maigret (a) (h), The Major (a), Mandrake the Magician (a), Philip Marlowe (a) (f) (h), Jane Marple (a) (h), Masked Warrior (f) (h), Perry Mason (a), Randolph Mason (f), Jan Mayen (i), Violet McDade (f), Roderick McKay (f), Captain Craig McKenzie (w), Mr. Meek (f), Patjar Merah (h), Frank & Dick Merriwell (a), Padre Metri (w), Mac Milford (h), Flavio Minetti (w), Miraculas (i), Mister X (i), Monje Negro (f), Captain Morgan (f) (i), Phil Morgan (i), Will Morton (i), Mister Moto (a), El Murcielago (i), Musketeer of the Air (f), M. Mystere (i)

N. Nan Guotai (i), Pire Necmi (a), Jack Nelson (i), New Eccentric Club (i), New Leatherstocking (i), The Nyctalope (i) 

OOctopus (II) (f), Ogon Batto (h), Sadipe Okukenu (h), Old Man in the Corner (a) (f), Terence X. O'Leary (i), Operator #5 (a) (f), Oscar-Bill (a), Winnie O'Wynn (c) (f) 

P. Mike Palabras (w), Joe Palooka (f), Peter Pan (w), Pao-Pao (f), Pardaillan (f), Park Avenue Hunt Club (a), Fred Parker (i), Don Isidro Parodi (w), Lee Parry (f), Patoruzu (f) (h), Pedro & Lourenço (f) (w), Pete (I) (h), Peter the Brazen (f), Dick Peter, Jurgen Peters (i), Joe Petrosino (a), The Phantom (III) (a) (f), Phantom Detective (h), Phantom of the Opera (a), Pharaoh (i), Phaster Phene (i), Harry Piel (i), Fred Pinkerton (i), Nat Pinkerton (a) (i), Si Pitung (a) (h), Hercule Poirot (h), Popeye (d) (f) (w), Hattie Pringle (f)

Q. Doctor Quartz (a) (f) (h), Allan Quatermain (f) (h) (w), Ellery Queen (h), Gimiendo Hernandez Quinto (f), Quong Lee (w) 

R. A.J. Raffles (a), Nila Rand (h), Rankanatan (h), Rapace (i), Reo Ratt (i), Noel Raymond (h) (i), Recai (h), Marie Revell (f) (w), Pete Rice (w), Rin-Tin-Tin (I) (i), Tex Ripley (i), James Robertson (i), Buck Rogers (a) (f) (h), Naum Rogozhin (f) (h), Richard Rogue (f), Maximo Roldan (f) (h), Jens Rolf (i), Rossum (h), Dr. Rotwang (h), Rover Boys (a), Kiriti Roy (w), Clemens Rubby (i) 

S. The Saint (h), Maisie St. Clair (f) (w), Captain Sakuragi (h), San Mao (h), San Sha (h) (w), Sanders (a) (f), Sandokan (h), Red Saunders (f), Doc Savage (a) (h), Buz Sawyer (d), Scaramouche (f), Scarlet Pimpernel (a) (f) (h) (w), Scorpion (II) (f), Sixto Scott (f), Ted Scott (h), Richard Seaton (h), Secret Agent X-9 (d) (f), Seekay (h), Semi-Dual (f), The Shadow (I) (a) (h), Sharik (w), Tom Shark (i), Harold Shea (f), Doctor Shee (f), Charity Sheen (f), Shooting Gallery Kid (h), Sgt. Jasper Shrig (w), Shvarc (i), Doctor Silence (f) (h), Antonio Silvino (h), Mark Sinclair (a) (h), Sir John (h), Six-Gun Gorilla (f), Smilin' Jack (f), Aurelius Smith (f), Scorchy Smith (d) (f) (w), Silent Smith (w), Society of Infallible Detectives (h), Raden Soebrata (h), John Solomon (f), Song Dangping (d) (h), Sonya (h), Sam Spade (h), Spider (I) (f), Spider (II) (a) (f), The Spirit (d) (f) (h) (w), Spirou (w), Spring-Heeled Jack (h), Fritz Stagart (i), Reginald Stejfors (i), Steve (c) (d) (w), Madame Storey (c) (f), James Strange (w), Percy Stuart (i), Los Subersabios (h), Tom Swift (h)

T. Sonny Tabor (a) (h), Larry Talbot (f) (h), Tanavan (h), Tange Sazen (h), Tarzan (I) (a) (h), Harry Taxon (i), Mike Thingmaster (h), Thinking Machine (f), Thong-in (h), Tintin (I) (i), Tintin (II) (d) (h) (w), Topper (c) (f), Rolf Torring (h) (i), Dick Tracy (a) (f), Ivy Trask (f), Grigorii Trirodov (i), Dan Turner (a), Tweel (h) 

U. Ultus (II) (i)

V. Jimmy Valentine (h), Prince Valiant (c) (d) (f), Philo Vance (a), Irma Vep (d), Guy Vercheres (i), Pancho Villa (i) 

W. Waldo the Wonder Man (f), "Get Rich Quick" Wallingford (f), Wallner & Ring (i), Wama (i), Mack Wan (h) (i), Wang Foo (h), Billy West (h), Joe West (i), Whispering Gorilla (i), Keightley Wilbur (w), Tex Willer (d) (w), Hurricane Williams (a), Race Williams (a), Wilson (f), John Wilson (i), Peter Wimsey (w), Don Winslow (i), Wolf of Kabul (a) (f), Nero Wolfe (f) (h), James Lee Wong (h), Jack Wright (i), Wu Fang (III) (a)

Y. Yuma (i)

Z. Zenith the Albino (a) (f) (w), Zhong Kui (f) (h), Zigomar (I) (a) (h), Khun Zivan (i), Zorro (a) (f) (h), Zothique (w)


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