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McGee, No-Shirt. No-Shirt McGee was created by Frank Richardson Pierce (Frying Pan Austin, CCCContact & Mile High, Greaseball DonovanHardrock, Flapjack Meehan, Panhandle Pete, Dad Simms, Tip, Rusty Wade) and appeared in eighteen stories and serials in Argosy and Short Stories from 1937 to 1947, beginning with “Sable” (Argosy, Oct. 30, 1937).

Michael J. “No-Shirt” McGee is a Bellem. He is an adventurer, odd job worker, and general layabout. He lives in Cold Deck, Alaska, and does just enough work in the outdoors to keep himself in moose milk, canned cream, and whisky year-round. (He gets his nickname because he likes working with his shirt off). He spends most of his time among the Inuits, although his attitude toward them is unreconstructed and quite racist: he takes a native woman, “Sad-Eye Susy,” with him into the wilderness so that when she begins looking good to him he heads back to white civilization in search of a white woman. McGee is an expert on Alaska and acts as an advisor to Hollywood when they film in Alaska. This leads to McGee dealing with hostile elements and angry producers. Other jobs McGee ends up working include crewing on a schooner, salvaging cargo, and fighting the Imperial German Navy.

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