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Meehan, Flapjack. Flapjack Meehan was created by Frank Richardson Pierce (Frying Pan Austin, CCCContact & Mile High, Greaseball DonovanHardrock, No-Shirt McGee, Panhandle Pete, Dad Simms, Tip, Rusty Wade) and appeared in forty-three stories and story serials in Western Story Magazine and Far West Stories from 1921 to 1931, beginning with “Elk’s Teeth” (Western Story Magazine, June 11, 1921).

“Flapjack” Meehan and “Tubby” Willows are the owners and operators of a prosperous silver mine in the Cold Deck region of the American west. Naturally, this leads to numerous complications, from weather and environmental hazards to the innumerable scoundrels and thieves of the western frontier of the 1910s.

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