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Hardrock. Hardrock was created by “Seth Ranger,” the pseudonym of Frank Richardson Pierce (Frying Pan Austin, CCCContact & Mile High, Greaseball DonovanNo-Shirt McGee, Flapjack Meehan, Panhandle Pete, Dad Simms, Tip, Rusty Wade), and appeared in twelve stories in Western Story Magazine from 1927 to 1933, beginning with “Hardrock’s Slippery Stampede” (Western Story Magazine, Aug. 20, 1927).

Hardrock Shipley and Poke Tupper are wandering cowboys who occasionally work with the law to see to it that murderin’ bushwhackers get their due. Hardrock and Poke are joint owners of the Big Nugget Mine, which brings them more trouble than wealth. Hardrock has a hot head and red hair, a ruddy face, and a fringe of red whiskers.

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