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Austin, Frying Pan. Frying Pan Austin was created by Frank Richardson Pierce (CCC, Contact & Mile High, Greaseball DonovanHardrock, No-Shirt McGee, Flapjack Meehan, Panhandle Pete, Dad Simms, Tip, Rusty Wade) and appeared in eighteen stories in Western Story Magazine from 1923 to 1926, beginning with “Frying Pan Adopts a Fast Worker” (Western Story Magazine, May 19, 1923).

“All-Around Austin” is the town generalist in the dusty, hot town of Frying Pan. Austin is the bank owner, grocery seller, issuer of marriage licenses and death certificates, and performer of most every other official and unofficial job. He deals with the local Chinese workers, including Ah Sing, the various men of the L Ranch, and more unusual events, like the arrival in town of a champion fighting rooster. In one story he meets Flapjack Meehan.

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