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A Glossary for this Site and a Taxonomy of Character Types

Updated 7 October 2021

As you've no doubt noticed, I use some specialized terminology (some of it coined by Yr. Humble Correspondent) in this website. This was not done to confuse, but rather to help shorten the text. (Which, at longer than three quarters of a million words, needed all the shortening it could get!) While researching and writing this book/website, I rather rapidly noticed that a lot of characters were duplicates of each other in all but name, and easily fit into one archetypal category. Wise-cracking hardboiled detectives, for example, were numerous, and to be honest fairly interchangeable with each other. So I slapped the label "Bellem" on this character type, as an homage to Robert Leslie Bellem, whose Dan Turner is the paradigmatic example of the type. I found that if I did this with all the interchangeable characters, it saved me a lot of typing. Of course, doing that runs the risk of confusing the reader, which is why this page is here: so when I call someone an Afghani Fighter or speak of SCIENCE! you'll know what I mean.

That wasn't enough, of course; I wanted to include in this list every example of the character types appearing anywhere in the Encyclopedia. So I'm including here every Brain in a Jar villain and every Lost Race a protagonist encounters; they are included here in parentheses, so that, under the Brain in a Jar entry, they are listed as (for example) Olaf K. Abelsen (misc.)

Afghani Figher | Africa Hand | Armchair Detective | Bellem | Big-Headed Dwarf Genius | Brain in a Jar | Cape-and-Epee Hero | Celebrity Pulp | Con Man | CONQUER THE WORLD! | Costumed Avenger | Cowboy | Disabled Detective | Evil Surgeon | Femme Fatale | Fop | Gentleman Bandit | Great Detective | Gun Moll | Hobo | Jungle Hero | Killer Vigilante | Legionnaire | Lost Race | Loving Enemy | Lupin | Mad Scientist | Nuxia/Wuxia | Occult Detective | Planetary Romance Hero | Prehistoric Adventurer | PrimatesProtagonists of Color | Rootless Veteran | SCIENCE! | Scientific Detective | South Seas Adventurer | Spinster Detective | Superhuman | Tall Tale Teller | Unlucky Inventor | Wanted Man | What's All This, Then | White Peril | Yellow Peril

Afghani Fighter. A certain kind of pulp story, always set in the North-West Frontier--the area of land between Afghanistan and what is now Pakistan--features a recurring type of protagonist, what I’m calling the Afghani Fighter. These men--based on a handful of real people--are always agents of British Intelligence, and wander in disguise among the locals gathering intelligence. They are always outnumbered and outgunned and have only a loyal native sidekick and possibly a handful of British and Indian troops to pit against the enemies of Great Britain. And their enemies are always powerful threats to the stability of the British Empire: Russian spies or local Napoleons allying with hostile Pashtun tribes to invade and conquer India. The Wolf of Kabul is the archetypal Afghani Fighter. 

Steel CallaghanDerek Carrington, Michael Garvie, Victor Gaunt, Colin Gray, Major HazelriggJohn Rawlinson, Bart ShaneBugs Sinnat, Aurelius Smith, Thorne, Timber Sahib, Wolf of Kabul

Africa Hand. Great Britain’s colonies in Africa were many and varied, and each colony was ruled by a Governor, with District Commissioners ruling individual sections. Each Commissioner’s district could be thousands or even tens of thousands of square miles in area, and the Commissioner was assisted by only a handful of white officials and a few squadrons of (non-white) soldiers. These officials were expected to enforce local and Imperial laws, collect taxes, prevent international crimes (like slave-trading), and above all prevent any conflict, between local peoples or between nations. In fiction, these officials were Africa Hands: experienced veterans of Foreign Service in Africa; intimately familiar not just with flora, fauna, and native cultures of Africa; deeply patriotic; and convinced that colonialism is the best thing for the natives—that British “civilization” can and will create a kind of moral uplift on the natives. To help this uplift and the peace and success of the Empire, the Africa Hands are willing to commit a wide range of acts, whipping natives for disrespecting a white man or hanging a corrupt native king without hesitation. Africa Hands have a great deal of respect for Africans, but in the same way that a hunter respects a lion—for its ferocity and power, but not as an equal. Curiously, most Africa Hands are Britons active in the jungles of West Africa, where Great Britain had no colonies. Sanders is the archetypal Africa Hand.

Geoffrey Aylett

Batouk (misc.)

Trader CarsonCaptain Christmas

Dynamite Drury

Iron Egan

Five Courageous Frenchmen

Crispin Gaunt, Denzil Grigson

Husky Hillier

Lobangu (Sir Richard Loseley), Bruce Logan

The Major

Nick Norton

Kenneth O'Brien, Old Ebbie (Captain Hicks)

Peace Officer, Prempeh (Barry Carson)

Allan Quatermain

Sanders, Jim Scott, Ned Shackleton, Swamba (Roddy Clarke), Swopper Bob (Trader Bone), Commissioner Sykes

Tigre (Deputy-Commissioner Jim Stewart), Claus Timm, Rolf Torring (crooked British), Trooper Useless, Tim Tyler (white settlers)

Yika Trio  

Armchair Detective. The Armchair Detective is a man (rarely a woman) who is sufficiently brilliant that he can solve crimes from the comfort of his armchair, without doing any on-site research or depending only on an assistant to do the research for him. There were Armchair Detectives before the character type's archetype, the Old Man in the Corner. Arguably Edgar Allan Poe's C. Auguste Dupin was an Armchair Detective. Closer to the Pulp Age were Armchair Detectives like Paul Feval's John Temple (from Jean Diable (1862)). Certainly through most of the 19th century, when a real-life gentleman amateur detective would have had to do his deducting in the privacy of his own flat or home and when Poe was the dominant writer of detective and mystery fiction, the imaginative horizons of writers was limited to the Armchair Detective archetype. But the Old Man in the Corner really started the craze (such as it was) for fictional Armchair Detectives, and those Armchair Detectives who followed the Old Man were influenced by him to a greater or lesser degree. 

Inspector Allhoff, Oliver Armiston, DisherDr. Duque, Joseph LeborgneNelson Lee, LinleyOld Man in the Corner, Don Isidro Parodi, George Washington Troxell, Kristian White, Nero Wolfe 

Bellem. The hard-boiled, cynical private detective is a pervasive pulp archetype, beginning at least with Race Williams, although the archetype’s roots lie in the English casebooks of the mid-19th century, which is where the hardboiled character type really originated. But the wise-cracking, two-fisted, hardboiled, hard-drinking, womanizing cynical crime-solver, usually but not always a private detective--the kind of character who is as quick with a quip as with his fists--is a character type that emerged in the pulps only in the 1930s, although it became a cliché within a few years. The hardboiled characters of the 1920s were cynical, two-fisted, hard-drinking, and womanizing, but they were emphatically not wise-cracking and generally lacked the sort of existential joie de vivre that Bellems have. The greatest of Bellems was Dan Turner, he of “a roscoe coughed Ka-Chow.” In honor of Dan Turner's creator, the prolific pulpster Robert Leslie Bellem, I’ve dubbed this character type the Bellem.

Galahad Baxter, Steve Borden, Mr. Bowles, Homer Bull (Macandrews), Chan Buzzell

Killer Cain, Carmady, Johnny Carr, Bill Carter, Johnny Cass, Johnny CastlePeter ChanceDr. Chung (Mr. Bacht), Daniel Cluer, Shean Connell, Crawley Cool, Danny Coyle (Harvard Donovan), Cliff Cragin, Bill Crane, Alphabet Crisp

Ken Daly, John Dalmas, Dion Davies, Bill Disley, Johnny Dolan, Donny Donahue, Edward D'Strange, Joseph Dugan

Allen Foster

Scoop Griddle, Alfred Gusman

Bacchus Hallahan, Johnny Harding, Daniel Harwin, Clay Holt, Little Jack Horner, Mark Hull, Tony Hunter

Ben Jardinn, Jarnegan, Dan Jordan, Jack Jordan

Gerry Kells, Mugs Kelly, Tony Key, George Killeen, K-67 

Kip Lacey, Bob Larkin, Simon Lash, Bill Lennox

Dick Marlow, Philip Marlowe, Anthony MartinNo-Shirt McGeeCaptain McGrailJack McGuire, Mariano Mercado, Matt Mercer, Lafayette Muldoon 

Izzy O'Shea 

Bill Peepe, Casey Peters, Miss Pinkerton, Duke Pizzatello 

Ed Race, Nick Ransom, Richard RogueNick RongettiKiriti Roy,

Shag & Bones, Ben Shaley, Ben Slabbe, Tim Sloan, John Steel

Pete Taylor, Pat Thompson, Peter Trapp the Second, Joe Trimo, Dan Turner 

Sam Vedder 

Percy Warren

Big-Headed Dwarf Genius. A classic trope of popular literature, going back at least to the Gothics if not to the Egyptian and Olmec myths, is the evil dwarf—that is, a literal dwarf, rather than some fairy tale creature—whose wicked brilliance is so overwhelming that, in a prime example of the symbolic-made-literal, his head is enormous. Before the 19th century, the dwarf used magic or a more mundane form of evil to work his ends, but beginning in the mid-19th century the dwarf began to use technology, usually advanced or even forbidden technology, as a weapon against heroic men and women. In the 20th century, the dwarf became a form of the Mad Scientist, usually the villain of a story but occasionally a protagonist in search of redemption. There's not really an archetypal Big-Headed Dwarf Genius--none of them really struck enough of a chord with other writers and with the pubic to become iconic--but most of the ones listed below are good examples of the character type. 

Atalanta (Lemurian albinos)

Narcisse Barbidon (Martians), Reginald Blake, Professor Brandon (aliens), Ivan Brodsky, Harry Brunton (the Conquerors)

Jonas Fjeld (Ilmari Erko)

Dr. Hackensaw (future humans)

Jed (the Masters)

Konserson (children), Professor Kurganov

Brutus Lloyd, Everson Lumley (Dr. Alonzo Kelpie)

Tommy Malins (misc.), Gaston Max (Anubis), Baron Montavo (Hollow Earth representatives), Doctor Munsker

Nano 48, Jack Nelson (Ta Clo)

Neils Orsen

Nat Pinkerton (Li Lo Tsching)

Joel Quaite (humanity)

Vernon Walsh (Pelathon, Si-Lafnor), Don Winslow (the Dwarf)

Brain in a Jar. The Brain in a Jar—the living brain (usually disembodied), floating in a jar of fluid, still sentient and somehow communicating with the outside world—is a classic trope of science fiction and horror films and pulps. The version most readers are familiar with is 20th century version, but the predecessor of the Brain in a Jar can be said to have been the Cumaean Sibyl, who in Petronius’ Satyricon is a withered body, cursed with immortality but no youth, who is seen in a hanging jar. The Brain in a Jar character type didn't really emerge until the 20th century, when science fiction and horror films and the pulps, with their incessant demand for new material, combined to influence writers of fantastika to create the Brain in a Jar. If there can be said to be an archetypal Brain in a Jar, it's Richard Donovan, but he came relatively late, well after other Brains in a Jar had appeared. 

Olaf K. Abelsen (misc.), Brain, Captain Future (Simon), Hawk Carse (misc.), Charlie Chan (misc.), Robert Darvel (Great Brain of Mars), Richard DonovanEthan Drew (Wise One), Harald Harst (misc.), Nez Hulan (misc.), JedProfessor Kern (Dowell), The Man with Two HeadsMark Nevin (Russians), Vincent Renolf (misc.), Tom Shark (Caligula), Dan Williams (masters of Unidom), Wing Loo (students) 

Cape-and-Épée Hero. Cap et épée, or “cape and épée,” is the traditional term in French literary criticism for novels of the Three Musketeers sort, in which the swashbuckling heroes wear capes and fight with rapiers in Europe during the 17th century. Dumas had his predecessors in European fiction--hell, the Spanish loved cap et épée fiction for two centuries before the French really took to it--but The Three Musketeers and its sequels were so popular and influential that they became the archetypal cap et épée novels, with the titular characters (plus D'Artagnan) becoming iconic. Twentieth century Cap et épée stories and heroes are inarguably in the shadow of Dumas, and are generally happy to be there--nearly a century and a half after The Three Musketeers first appeared, the influence of Dumas is still strong enough to help sell stories and novels based on his work. 

Athos, Porthos & AramisBlack Mask (II), Boy Musketeers, Captain Lucifer, Captain Sin Miedo, CarotCleve & d'Entreville, The Courier, The Dagger, Comte de Chavagnac, Estelle de Lys, M. de Mintard, Five Invincibles, Florian, Four SpaniardsGhost Duke (I), Ghost Duke (II), Captain La ChesnayeMessenger (II), Montbars (V), Musketeer of the Sea, Musketeers, Pardaillan, Raul (I), Red Cape, Santana, Three Cat Musketeers, Three Crusaders

Celebrity Pulp. Pulps or novels or texts whose protagonists are real-life, living celebrities (Charlie Chaplin, for example) portrayed as having very fictional adventures. The trend predates the pulps, of course; fanfiction is an old tradition, and by the late 18th and early 19th centuries, when modern celebrity culture really began, celebrity fan fiction (about Lord Byron, for example) was a going concern. The Celebrity Pulps are merely the pulp version of that type of fanfiction.  

Cliff Aeros, Luciano Albertini, Carlo Aldini, Evno Azef

Clyde Beatty, Frank Buck (I), Frank Buck (II)Buffalo Bill

Al Capone (I), Al Capone (II)Charlot, Jackie Coogan (I), Jackie Coogan (II)

William Duncan

Thomas Alva Edison


Father Gapon, Gomecillo & Peliculez

Harry Hill, Harry Houdini

Jack the Ripper (I), Jack the Ripper (II)Jampulinkam, Billy Jenkins, Buck Jones

Lampiao, Gypsy Rose Lee, Elmo Lincoln, Max Linder, Harold Lloyd

Nestor Makhno, Georges ManolescuJimmy Mattern, Ken Maynard (I), Ken Maynard (II), Patjar Merah, Mistinguett, Tom Mix (I), Tom Mix (II), Tom Mix (III), Tom Mix (IV), Tom Mix (V), Tom Mix (VI), Antonio Moreno, Jack Mylong

Pola Negri, Harold Noice 

Oka-Yuma, Ossi Oswalda

Lee Parry, Joe Petrosino, Edmond Pezon, Harry Piel, Eddy Polo (I), Eddy Polo (II), Eddy Polo (III), Eddy Polo (IV), I.D. Putilin

Will Rogers

Shi Jianqiao, Antonio Silvino, Sonya, Savanyu Soska, Hans Stosch-Sarrasani

Tref, Roscoe Turner

Madame Verbitskaia, Villiod

Con Man. One of the more popular character types in the pulps, the Con Man or Swindler was usually (but not always) portrayed as having a sentimental side and as willing to help those who are being victimized, and to prey on other criminals. Those who were not were usually too incompetent to succeed at their chosen profession.

Doctor Alcazar, Astro the Seer

Otis Beagle, Beggars' Club, Paul Beggarstaff, Ostap Bender, Natasha Blackwell, Blue Sky Company, One Eye Brannigan, Jabez Bunker, Smiler Bunn, Otto Burlingame

Chucho el Roto, Amos Clackworthy, Baltimore Criddle, Danby Croker

The DeanDoc Comanche, Dandy Dyson

Easy Street Experts, Elegant EdwardButtons Evans

JimGrim (Chullunder Ghose)

Lefty Feep, Jeremiah Finch, Colonel Humphrey Flack, Johnny Fletcher, Art Furber, Elmer Furbush

Gog, Guy & Ghost

Mr. Holeman, Honest John

George H. Jay, Shagbark Jones


Ivy Lane ("Senator" Joe Greer), Rosalie Le Grange, Lester Leith, Pekka Lipponen

Isidore Mac-Aron & Anatole Fricotard, Pete ManxEd Migraine, Major Miles 

Ivory O'Toole, Winnie O'Wynn

Jeff Peters, Doc Pierce, Paul C. Pitt, Napoleon Prince 

Robert & Bertrand 

Sagadaung-za, The Salesman, Mister SimpsonSlattery & Bender, Saxophone Smithers, Miss Smythe, Squaredeal Sam, Serge Stavisky 

John Wade, "Get Rich Quick" Wallingford, Mr. Windle 

Anastasius Yorke 

CONQUER THE WORLD! Just like Primates, few things so embody the pulps so much as the over-the-top Mad Scientist (see below) or (usually Germanic) tyrant who delivers a speech—to a monstrous henchmen, to fanatical troops, or to a bound and helpless enemy, usually the hero of the story—in which the villain finishes with “und zen ve vill CONQUER ZE VURLD!” Sadly, most of these characters failed, few had much success at all or, to be honest, were a great deal of fun to read about, and only a handful had the spark of gleeful, joyous wickedness that sets the immortal villains apart from the ordinary bad guys. But even the dullest of these would-be world conquerers  has at least one moment which will reward the reader.

Air Master, Frank Allan (misc.), Amarbal, Dusty Ayres (Fire-Eyes)

Napoleon BergBlue Hawk (misc.), Harry Brunton (the Conquerors)

Captain Justice (Marcus the Mysterious), Nick Carter (I) (Bolivian Amazons), Cecil of Cornwall (Abbe), Deepak Chatterjee (misc.), Connie (Lakhpor), Copperhead (Doctor Satan)

Jack Darrell (alien slugs), Professor Demonico, Don Dixon (Dr. Strunski), Doctor Death

El Fantasma (Man With No Head)

Garin, Bruce Gentry (misc.), Golden AmazonWalter Goodwin (evil Murians), Professor Grant (Matapal)

Colin Haig (Mme. Vanderdonk), Steve Harrison (Erlik Khan)

Homura Soroku (Dr. Otone)

JimGrim (Dorje)

Kachinskiy (Stierner), Princess Kah (undersea criminals), Dr. Kitsura (the Yellow Wheel), KorakKosmacs (Karl Dietz), KowaDr. Cornelius KrammKwo Sung Tao 

Bradley Lane (Marnee), Lynn Lash (misc.), The LightningFerrers Locke (Kang-Pu) 

Professor Magnus (Dr. Cicuta), Signor MantiniGaston Max (Anubis), Professor Merrivale, Miramar

Number 3, The Nyctalope (Baron Glo von Warteck)

Octopus (II), Terence X. O'Leary (Unuk)

Doctor Palfrey (misc.), Ward Platt (Ainsworth), John Prentice (misc.), Professor Pye

Redmask (Purple Emperor), RinkerRussian Scientist

Ali Singh, Commander Steel, Professor Strang 

Thelda (Munan), Jim Tipton (Quichuas)


Don Winslow (Scorpia)

Zig & Puce (misc.), Zolok, Zorak, Alex Zorka 

Costumed Avenger. This category includes any character who wears a recognizable and consistent costume while fighting crime or evil. For the purposes of this encyclopedia, “costume” does not necessarily have to be a colorful superhero-style “pervert suit,” to use Warren Ellis’ phrase, but can be simply the same mask or the same set of similarly-colored clothing. Because of this somewhat broad criteria, there are characters included in this list, like the masked cowboy characters, who are not ordinarily thought of as being Costumed Avengers. But in a book like this it is better to be overly inclusive than not enough so.

Ace of Spades (I), Ace of Spades (II)El Alacrán, Furio Almirante, Angel (II), Armored Man, Audreses

The Bat (II), Beati Paoli, Black (III)Black Ace, Black Bandit, Black Bat (II), Black Cloak, Black Diamond, Black Eagle, Black Falcon, Black Hood, Black Jack, Black Knight (II), Black Mask (I) (antagonist), Black Mask (II), Black Mask (III), Black Moth, Black Pilgrim, Black Rider, Black Sapper, Black Whip, Blue Man, Carlos & Marcos Bon, Pelham Bond, Burmese Swordsman

El Caballero, Caballero XBob Calem, Capitan Antorcha, Capitan Coraje, Capitan Misterio, Captain MidnightCaptain Mors, Captain Nighthawk, Captain Storm, Cat's EyeCharro Negro (I)Charro Negro (II)Chucho el RotoCiclone, Cobra (II), Red Colt, CopperheadCorsair X, Cossack, Coyote, Crimson Clown, Crimson Mask, Cruz DiabloJim Curry, Cyklon Kid

Daring DamselEstelle de Lys, Deccan Queen, Desert PhantomDetective Nobody, Doctor Coffin, Domino Lady

The Eagle (I), The Eagle (II), Mr. EnigmaEl Espectro

El Fantasma, Flaming Avenger, Flying Justice, Miss Fury

Galator, Garibaldi, Ghost (I)Ghost Duke (II)Golden Mask, Green Ghost, Green HornetGreen Lama, Griffon

El Halcon de Acero, Hansa, Hawk (II), El Hidalgo, Hind KesariFred Hood (Carolina, the "Fury of the Manitu"), Hunterwali 

Indian SuperheroInvisible Robinhood

Jack-a-Lantern, Japanese Mad Scientist (scientist's enemy), Judex

Karga, King of Diamonds, William King, Kurama Tengu 

Lady Luck, Laughing Mask, Leatherface (I), Leatherface (II), Leatherface (III), Lion Man (I), Lion Man (II), Lone Ranger

Magician (II), The Man in Purple, The Man in the Motor Mask, The Man in the Red Mask, The Man in the Silver Mask, Mas-Ley, The Mask, Masked Cavalier, Masked Detective, Masked Marvel, Masked PhantomMasked Rider (I)Masked Rider (II)Masked Terror, Masked WarriorMinnalkodi, Mister Death (I), Mr. Mystic, Mister Nobody (II), MohanMoker, The Mongoose, Monk of Ironstone Prison, Moon Man, El Murcielago

Nameless KnightJack Nelson, Ninja Boy, Ninja Woman 

Ogon Batto, Pat O'Maley 

Park Avenue Hunt Club, Patent Leather Kid, Patsy (Phantom Magician), Phantom (II), Phantom (III), Phantom Detective, Phantom Rider, Phantom Sheriff, Phantom Thief (II), Phantom X, Prince of Gamma, Luis Punales, Purple Hood, Purple Scar 

El Rajo, Rakshita, Ravenhill, Red Archer, Red Eagle, Red Lady, Red Rose, Red Shadow, Redmask, Riddle Rider 

Scorpion (I), Senor Red Mask, Senorita Scorpion, The Shadow (II), Sigono, Silver Buck, Skulls of Terror, Spider (II), Spider Man, Spirit, Spring-Heeled Jack 

Three Vigilantes, Thunderbolt (I), Thunderbolt (II), Two Pistols 

Unknown Ally 

Vanishing Rider, Vantolio, El Vengador, Villiod 

Mack Wan, Whirlwind, The Whisperer, Whispering Monk, Bob Wilson 

X (II) 

Yi Zhimei, Yorga, Yuma 

Zigomar (III)Zigomar (IV), Zorro 

Cowboy. For the purposes of this category any character adventuring in the western half of the United States during the 19th century and the first half of the twentieth century counts as a “cowboy.” A fair number of stories in the western pulps were set in the modern (i.e., 1920s or 1930s) era, and characters in those stories are included here. The rare cowboy active outside of the United States, like Pepe Cortes, is also included. 

Ace of the Triple Diamond, Bullwhip Adams, Alabam, Alkali Ike, Lefty Allen, Bar-Nothing Red Ames, AnitaSailor Anson, Apache & Wagonwheel, Arizona Jim, Arizona Thunderbolt, Garrett Arnold, Arizona Jim, Arizona Thunderbolt, Frying Pan Austin

George Bacon, Duke Bagley, Balaam (sorta), Blackstone Bangs, Jim Bannon, Bar B Boys, Bar U Twins, Rohn Barck, Peaceful BarnesBlack Barr, Charley Barrow, Dan Barry, Tom Bartlett, Buffalo Billy Bates, Judge Bates, Roy Bean, Pike Bearfield, Brazos Bell, Billy the Kid (I), Billy the Kid (II), Black Ace, Black Bill (I), Black Bill (II), Black Horse, Blackie & Red, Killer Blake, Blondy, Bloody Hand, Blue Pete, Guncat Bodman, Calamity Boggs, Swap Bootle, Border Bandit, Border Boys, Border Eagle, Deacon Bottle, Alamo Bowie, Boy Ranchers, Belle Boyd, Jim Brade, Broncho Bill, Broncho Billy, Broncho Rider Boys, Buck & Gumbo, Duke BucklandBuffalo Bill, Bug Eye, Jim Button BullTex Bulwer, Bumblebee Bill, Andy Burnett, Tug Burton

Cactus Kid, Calamity Anne, Bob CalemBrad CallahanKid Calvert, Lightnin' CalvertHunt Canning, Dogie Cantwell, Lucius Carey, Billy Carson, Kit Carson, Lightnin' Bill Carson, Hopalong Cassidy, Slivers CassidyCharro Negro (I), Charro Negro (II), Chief (sorta), Circus Cowboy, Cisco Kid, Red Clark, Tom Clark, Dake Clayhorn, Tom Clive, Tempest Cody, Badger Coe, King CollierCultus Collins, Comanche Kid, Henry Conroy, Corson, Pepe Cortes, David Costa, Cowboy, Lance Craig, Tuck Creighton, Gospel CummingsCurly, Currito, Jim Curry, Blant Cutting 

Dakota Dan, Deo Daley, Jimmy Dare, Christian Defever, Desert Phantom, Desperate Dan, Preacher Devlin, Dewlap & Wattles, Diamond Dick, Diamond Outfit, Dik, Doc Comanche, Dodge City Kid, Don Muerte, Dapper Donnelly, Ronicky Doone, Dreamy Dorkin, Deker Dow, Gip Drago, Tim Drake, Dick Drew, Drifting Kid, Dan Drummond, Buck Duane, Dugan (I), DurandDandy Dyson

Saul Epstein, Estimaco, Buttons Evans, Dug Evans

Doc Faraday, Whizz Fargo, Doug Farney, Firebrand (II), Fitz Roy, Flying U Ranch

Buzz Gainor, Galahad & Lancelot, Grizzly Gallagher, Hep Gallegher, Gallopin' Kid, Peg Leg Garfield, Dex Garrett, Hawk Gentle, Gentleman Jack, James Geraldi, Gila Jack, Freck Gilmore, Arapaho Gilroy, Henri Giraud, Grandpa, Andy Green, Hoss Greer, Cal Gregson, Simon Bolivar Grimes

Glenn Haley, Ham & Egg, Hank & Lank, Happy-Hay, Hardrock, Paint & Pinto HawkinsRed Harris, Ace Hart, Hashknife Hartley, Jim Hatfield, Bill Hawks, William Hay, Jim Hazel, Howdy Hepburn, High & Short, Bob Hill, Hinges Hollister, Jack Holt (I), Fred Hood, Hooker Brothers, Horsemen, Pa Howdy, Chip Huard, Huckleberry Jack, Hungry & Rusty, Bob Hunter (II), Bull Hunter

Idaho, Injun & Whitey, Andy Irons, Sudden John Irons

Jack the Invincible, Jesse James, Pinky Jenkins, Bat Jennison, Jerkline Jo, Jim Boy, Jingling Kid, Johnny Forty-FiveBuck Jones, Bud Jones, Cal Jones, Doodlebug Jones, Potluck Jones, Salamander Jones, Tubac JonesVermilion Jones

Jim Kannah, Kansas Jack (I), Kansas Jack (II), Kansas Jack (III), Kansas Jack (IV), Kyack Kearney, Ken, Kid Buckaroo, Kid Gurney, Kid MontanaKid Wolf, King Kolt, Kenton King, Madge King, Storm King, Windy Knight 

Sheriff Lamont, Rowdy Lang, Joe Langley, Ney Larrigan, Mac Larry, Lassiter, Laughing KidLeatherface (I), Black Hawk Lee, Tonopah Lee, Lynx Lesky, Bart Leslie, Liberty Kid, Lightning Jim, The Lion, Bert Little, Long Sam Littlejohn, Lobo GrisLone Ranger, Colonel Longarm, Lazy Lucas 

Showme MaguireMah-Topa, Freckles Malone, Twister Malone, Marshall, Mustang Marshall, Mournful Martin, Pinto MartinMasked Phantom, Masked Rider (II)Shorty Masters, Maverick Jim, Mavericks, Tensleep Maxon, Ranny McArthur, Bullwhip Bill McCrackin, Shorty McKay, Buckshot McKee, Risky McKee, Buck McLeod, Lonesome McQuirk, Medico, Flapjack Meehan, Kyle Mellott, Tom Mix (I), Tom Mix (II), Tom Mix (III), Tom Mix (IV), Tom Mix (V), Tom Mix (VI), Ham Moody, Flash Moran, Tom Morgan, Tubby Morrison, Sheriff Mullett, Two-Shot Billy Murtol 

Bill Navarro, Dick Navarro, Dik Navarro, Pancho Negrete, Dan Norton, Dick Norton 

Oklahoma Kid, Old Bill, Old Ironhand, Old Scout, Old Strolla, Funeral O'Neill 

Alamo Paige, Mike Palabras, Average Parker, Jim Pat, Pawney Bill, Bronc Peeler, Peaceful Perkins, Peter, Ma Pettengill, Phantom Rider, Phantom Sheriff, Mulehide Pike, Pistol Jim, Juan Poker, Polly of the Plains, Jode Pomroy, Pony Express, Pony George, Pony Rider Boys, John Powell 

Quebecois Cowboy, Jimmy Quick, Quick-Draw Kid, Quicksilver, Quiquet

Navajo Tom Raine, El Rajo, Robert Ramm, Rio Rand, Nick Randall, Range Riders, Ranny Kid, Reo Ratt, Rawhide Terror, Rawhide Rawlins, Rickey Raymond, Reata, Red Hawk, Red Wolf, Johnny Reeves, Tom Relampago, Roaming Reynolds, Pete RiceRiffle Bill, Rim-fire, Rio Kid, Rainbow Ripley, Tex RipleyRobinsonsFriar Robusto, Tommy Rockford, Rockheart, Rough Riders, Bill Roy, Ruff & Reddy, Rawhide Runyan, Casey Ryan, Red Ryder  

Sage-Brush Sally, Sapulpa Slim, Red Saunders, Satan Savage, Scarum, Scoot & Windy, Nogales Scott, Salty Seabright, Bala Segura, Senor Red Mask, Senorita Scorpion, Shelley, Vinegaroon Sherman, Shooting Gallery Kid, Silver Buck, Silver King, Silvertip (II), Simmering Sands, Dad Simms, Len Siringo, Sitting Bull, Six-Gun Gorilla, Six-Gun Sandy, Skulls of TerrorWalt Slade, Slick the Sleuth, Sleepy Sloane, Cinnamon Smith, Cyclone Smith, Dynamite Smith, Sonora Smith, Valentine Smith, Blacky Solone, Sad Sontag, Baldy Sours, Spectacular Kid, Abe SpotswoodDave Starr, Blue Steele, Flash Steele, Silver Jack Steele, Bob Sterling, Harry Stevens, Pat Stevens, Homer Stillson, Sheriff Stokes, Ted Strong, Strongarm, Sturmvogel, Sudden, Reverend Praxiteles Swan 

Sonny Tabor, Jim Tasker, Bob Tayler, Buck Taylor (I), Twist Taylor, Tecumseh, Teddy (I), Tex (III), Tex and Pecos, William Tex, Texas Bill (I), Texas Bill (II), Texas Jack, Texas Tom, Three Cowboys, Three Good Men, Three Judges, Three Mesquiteers, Thunder Moon, Tigress (II), Tid Tinker, Tomahawk, Tombstone & Speedy, Tonny, Tonto Kid (I), Tonto Kid (II), Silver Trent, Trapper Trueheart, Two Gun Kid, Two Orphans, Two Pistols, Tom Tyler 

Vanishing Rider, Pit Vercheres, Vincente the Yaqui 

Walrus & Wishbone, Ware, Tom Webbs, Billy West, David West, Ben Whipple, Whistler, Whistlin' Kid, Whistling Waddy, White Boy, White Eagle (I), White Eagle (II), White Horseman, White Wolf, Tex Willer, Jack Wills, Jack Wilson, Warwhoop Wilson, Windy Bill 

X Bar X Boys 

Will Yaeger, Lum Yates, Young Pete, Young Wild West, Yucca Kid, Yuma Bill 

Disabled Detective. Traditionally, in the pulps and in criticism of the pulps, the phrase “defective detective” was used to describe the disabled or maimed characters, like Seekay, whose vogue in the pulps was a brief but intense one. Being disabled (or “defective” in the insensitive, inaccurate, and offensive parlance of the time) was what set them apart from other characters. For the purposes of this encyclopedia, blind characters, like Max Carrados, are included in this category. Generally blind characters are written and treated differently than the other "disabled detectives," but in the interests of space-saving they are included here.

Inspector AllhoffBen Bryn, Max CarradosThornley Colton, Billy DoggEdward D'Strange, Joe Gee, Dan Holden, John Howden, Calvin Kane, Eddie Kelly, Patrick Laing, Larry Loman, Duncan Maclain, Malachi ManateeLin Melchan, Nat Perry, Queg, Peter Quest, Julian Renard, Seekay, Steve Silk, Nicholas Street, Tom, Dick, & Harry, Ted S. Weaver, Kristian White

Evil Surgeon. Although the Evil Surgeon is often a Mad Scientist, this is not always the case. The Evil Surgeon is primarily a violator of the human body, whether a crazed vivisector like Dr. Quartz or someone who merely wants to experiment on a living body, like Professor Barter.

Olaf K. Abelsen (Dr. Death), Frank Allan (Doctor Bink), Armando (misc.)

Dr. Bain (Dr. Death), Professor Barter, Dr. BatesBlack Mask (III) (misc.), Dr. Blair

Tom Cardigan (The Surgeon of the Dead), Doctor CarescoCharro Negro (II) (misc.), Chinese ScientistSir Ralf Clifford (Dr. Coletti), Leon Clifton (the Mad Doctor), Paul Coriolos, Dr. Crespi, Walter Crummel (Eric Grausmann)

Pietro Darena, Doctor Phantom, Doctor X, Richard Drake, Dr. Duarte

Dr. Flax, Dr. FortiMr. Fox (The Evil Doctor), Frankenstein (Dr. Xavier)

Homura Soroku (misc.), Rex Huxford (Dr. Eric von Schalkenbach)

Zofia Jastrzebka (William Pinkerton), Jim-Joyce (Dr. Satanaz)

Professor Kern, Ethel King (Professor Smith), Konserson, Dr. Cornelius Kramm

Jean Lecoq (Dr. Vincent), Doctor Lerne, Joseph LondeArsene Lupien (misc.)

Mad Scientist (IV), Todd Marvel (Karl Kristian), Master Magician (Ching Fu), Captain McTeague (Po Sung, N'Yeng Sen), Miramar, Schuyler Montgomery, M. Mystere (misc. women)

Cyrus North (misc.), Number 13 (Chinese), The Nyctalope (Oxus)

Dr. Otis

Joe Petrosino (Professor Tom Flax), The Phoenis (Dr. Rosmer), Nat Pinkerton (misc.), Ward Platt (Ainsworth)

Dr. Quartz 

Rapax, Dr. Renan, Paul Renault, Robert Renault, Captain Richard (Dr. Marchesi), James Robertson (would-be Frankenstein)

Fedor Ivanovitch Sarraskine, Tom Shark (misc.), Silent Smith (Nazis), Dr. Sovac, Soviet Scientist, Spider (II) (The Wreck), Dr. Stander, Philip Strange (misc.)

Fred Tarmun (Dr. Mepier), Harry Taxon (Dr. Flax), Three Boy Scouts (Dr. Moreau Lite), Professor Tornada, Grigorii Trirodov 

Dr. van Niemann, Guy Vercheres (misc.), Andreas Vesalius, Andreas Vollmer, The Vulture (misc.)  

Wing Loo, Dr. Wolffan 

Dr. Zin

Femme Fatale. The femme fatale, the beautiful and deadly woman who uses her beauty and/or sexuality to increase her power, has been a constant in Western culture, although the modern version of the femme fatale began appearing only in the second half of the 19th century. In the pulp context the femme fatale is a different character than the femme fatale of films noir or mainstream mystery fiction. The pulp femme fatale is more often a protagonist than a film noir or mystery femme fatale. And the pulp femme fatale is substantively different than either of the latter two. The film noir or mystery femme fatale uses sexuality as a weapon in order to get what she wants. Sex, for the film noir or mystery femme fatale, is one tool of many in the femme fatale’s toolbox, and if sleeping with a hero, villain, or patsy is what is needed to achieve her aims, the noir/mystery femme fatale will do just that. This is not the case with the pulp femme fatale, who is far more rarely sexually active. The pulp femme fatale promises much but rarely delivers, and meanwhile uses male characters’ desire for her to manipulate them.

Adaptive Ultimate, AgentYZ7El Alacran (misc.), Roberto Alcazar (misc.), Alraune, Antinéa, AquileaAyesha

John Baxter (the Demon Woman), Red Barry (The Flame), Max Beaumont (misc.), Black Mask (III) (misc.), Black Masks (Lydia), Natasha Blackwell, Sergeant Blair (misc., Belle la Tour), Hannibal Blunt (movie star), Rolf Brand (Lady in Black), Brenty (Aracnida), Albert Brien (misc.), 

Hunt Canning (misc.), Le Capitaine (misc.), Captain Stinky (misc.), Bill Carter (misc.), Deepak Chatterjee (misc.), Kayla Cherroff, Chinese GamineHein Class (Rita), Leon Clifton (Devil Woman), Clubs Detective (the Modern Salome), Colette (misc.), Anton Custer (Fedora, Eros Volusia)

Kurt Danner (the She-Scorpio), Daxo (misc.), Ray de Astur (Queen of Ceres), Detective Nobody (misc.), Tania DevereauxBill Disley (assassins), Fidelity Dove, Nita Duboin

Eva (II)

Frank Faber (Anja), Princess Fantoche, Desiree ForestierFrench Aviator (Helene, Countess de Falso), French Commissioner (The Countess)

Gees (misc.), Genuine, Martin Gisander (Jania Faralewski)

Colin Haig (Mme. Vanderdonk), Bob Harder (misc.), John Hargreaves (Countess Olga), Helene (I)Kay Hoog (Lio-Sha), Hooker Brothers ("vampire babies"), Russell Howard (misc.)

Iluko, Iman, Indian Woman, Magda Inescu, Inez Ingle

Japanese Policeman (Night Storm Okinu), Jumelia, Junilla   

King Kong VI (Zanya), Ethel King (Salome), Lord Kingsley (misc.), Sun Koh (Lady Houston), Kurama Tengu (poison women)

Edouard Lanier (Nora), George Larkin (Vampire), Jean Larocque (misc.), Terry Lee (many), Simon Legrand (Satania), Miriam Lemaire, Tom Lenoir (misc.), LilithLord Lister (the Lady in Black), Quentin Locke (DeLuxe Dora), Lu Ping (Blue Rattlesnake), Arsene Lupien (the Female Demon)

Madame SaraDan Maitland (misc.), Master Magician (Froggie the Vampire), Milton (Queen Androimeda), Mister X (Lady Devil), Moctezuma (Queen Zaye), Maria Molambo, Monsieur V (Princess Y)

Pola Negri, Martin Numa (misc.), Number 13 (Chinese cha-cha dancers)

Larry O'Brien (Tigra), Lady Nora O'Neil, Marcus Orlando (misc.)

Maria Padilha, Pat Peterson (Margot), Mary Pickford (II), Polish Woman (I), Polish Woman (II), Victor Poten (Sonya Rokoff)

Gimiendo Hernandez Quinto (the Mountain of Virtue)

Nila Rand, Rapace (misc.), Rapax (misc.), Kaarlo Rauta (misc.), Ray (misc.), Enevold Rist (Madame Fournier), Carla Romaunt, Nick Rood (misc.), Kiriti Roy (White & Indian)

Allan Scott (Seeress of Luxor), Secret Agent X-9 (Nabura), Tom Shark (misc.), Sonia, Sonya, Spanish Woman, Spirit (P'Gell, Sand Saref, Silk Satin, many others), Spirit of the Broom, Lord Stuart (Lady Tompson),  Submarine Boys (Russians)

Fred Tarmun (Lady Heensforth), Harry Taxon (Miss Ruth), Rolf Torring (Lola Montua), Ivy Trask, Turkish Woman 

Veronica Vaughn, Madame Verbitskaia, Guy Vercheres (misc.), Rene Vergnaud (leper), Minna von Voehniger 

John Wilson (gang leader)

X-14 (Communist spy) 

Baek Yeong Ho (Seo Gwang Ok)

Zed-29 (misc.), Zoraja (Madame X), Z-X-5 (Princess Alleja)

Fop. The classic detective Fop is Philo Vance, and most of the detective Fops were to a greater or lesser extent influenced by him. The vanity, the obsession with appearance, dress, and manners, the variety of affectations, the forced languor–they are all Vancean, but they arose from the pose of upper class British men of the 19th century. Of course, detective Fops aren’t really foppish, any more than Vance is. When there is danger to be confronted or a mystery to be solved, Vance et al. drop the foppish pose and become as capable as any Bellem.

Black SpiderAscanio Bonichi, Benvenuto Brown, Marcus Buller, Albert Campion, Hugh CardingDave Clovelly, Arthur Augustus d'Arcy, Reginald de Puyster, Maxwell Fenner, Peter Graham, Maurice Hemyock, Ivy Lane, Francis Mandall-EssingtonYorke Norroy, Christopher Peale, Arthur Stukeley Pennington, Warren Powell, Beau Quicksilver, Enevold Rist, Terry Trimble, Philo Vance, Anthony Vereker 

Gentleman Bandit. This category is for all those historical characters who would steal anything from men but would only take a kiss from a woman, and whose sense of honor was more powerful than their greed. The archetype is Dick Turpin, who was as charming in fiction as he was reprehensible in fact.

Ace of Spades (I), Pavlos ArgyrosAimilios Athenaios

Captain Jack BishopBuffalo Bill (Gentleman Hank)

Luis Candelas, Caparrota, Captain Montana, Captain Moonlight, Captain Starlight, Cartouche (I), Cartouche (II)Chucho el Roto, Vaska Churkin, Diego CorrientesCurrito 

Don Juan de Serrallonga, Claude Duval (I), Claude Duval (II), Claude Duval (III)

Jaime el Barbudo

Forest Demons

Galloping Larry, Ghost Duke (I)

Jesse James, JampulinkamHenryk Antoni Jezierski

Nesho Kaik, Ned Kelly, Jan Tadeusz Klimczok, Tadeusz Klimszok, Antonio Kortez, Arno Kraft, Wlodzimierz Kumrow, Aristotelis Kyriakos  

Lampiao, Henryk Lerman

Mandrin, Jose Maria (I), Jose Maria (II)Juan MasiliMasked Rider (I)Masked TerrorSi Mirah

Si Pitung, Juan Portela, Luis Punales 

Si Ronda, Dick Ryder

Seven Children of Ecija, Antonio Silvino, Savanyu Soska 

Texas Jack (misc.), Domenico Tiburzi, Si Tjonat, Trabucaires, Dick Turpin 

Willowdene Will

Great Detective. To most fans of mysteries there is only one Great Detective: Sherlock Holmes. But the popularity of Sherlock Holmes was such that, like Arsène Lupin and the Lupin, Holmes was imitated around the world. The following is a list of characters modeled on Sherlock Holmes and other, similar characters. Holmes was the default model for the Great Detective, but the more action-oriented Sexton Blake and Nick Carter (I) gained their own set of imitations.

Ates Ahmet, Ali, Pawang AliAmerican Police CommissionerÄ€nantcin, Thomas Ashley, Ashton-Kirk, Harald Ask, Avni 

Carfax Baines, Alan Baker, William Baluchet, Joe Bangs, Miss BarclayGarnett Bell, Gapy Bermudez, M.A. Bertillon, Big Head DetectiveBiograph Sleuths, Ove Bjelke, Carlock Bjones, Black Bird, Robert Blake, Sexton Blake, Hannibal Blunt, Mr. BobbyHepsibah Bock, Bolava, Harriet Bolton-Wright, Padlock Bones, Emil Born, John Born, Miss Boston, Arindam Bosu, Boy Detective, Felix Boyd, Rolf Brand, Victor Brand, Leo Brandhorst, William Brandson, Derrick Brent, Dixon Brett, Stanley Brooke, Billy Brown, David Brown, Bob Bruce, William Brunning, Bil Bull, John BullMack Bull (Nik-Arter), Jhon BunnsYu Bu-ran

Roman Calvo, Jack Carelli, Leo Carring, David Carroll, Charles Carslake, Dr. Carson, Nick Carter (I), Nick Carter (II), Pepe Carter, Dick CartterCascarilla (II)Cat's EyeCemalSir Walter ChainDick ChallengerChan Li Po, Lambert ChaseCherlok CholmesDr. ChungTony ClarkWalter ClarkCarlton ClarkeLucien ClayJeff ClaytonArson ClewsLeon CliftonBarrington CliveDerek ClydeCharley ColmesSherlog Combes, Curlock CombsPat ConnerLe Droit ConnersPat ConnorJackie Coogan (II) (misc.), Herr CorpwiethGripton CourtClipper CraigCrewe (I)Martin CrippsBurt CromwellAnton Custer

Martin DaleColwyn DaneNeil DarePaul Daring, Dr. Elias de JongDoctor Riccardo de MediciJoe Deebs, Biro DenesClive DerringAllan DicksonHarry DicksonDinky DinkertonWan Teroena DjajaDoctor Satan (Ascott Keane), Jack DollarDick DonaldCaleb DrageJonathan DrakeDetective Dreslings, Victor Drew, Cassira A. DucrotDerwent DuffDr. DuqueDrake Durbin

Pieter Elberveld

Arne FalkJeff FanchonNick FantomFarringdonFenlock FawnFelifax (Sir Eric Palmer), Fabian FieldFilipino DetectivePeter FlintThorndyke FlintJohn FloodTimelock Foames, Joe FockJack ForbesJack FordKenyon FordSherman FordGordon FoxTimm FoxDetective Frank (I)Jack FranklinKarl FreiburgRoyston FrereFuermoshi

Martin Gale, Gentleman Detective, German Detective, Gerst, Gabriel Gibbs, Geoffrey Gill, Nicholas Goade, Enny Gold, Ricardo Gomez, Harry Gould, Royston Gower, Jubal Grail, Digby Grant, Gordon Gray, Grayson Greene, Anthony Grek, Digby Gresham, Carson Grey, Colwin Grey, Knut Gribb, Hector Grinfeld, Sherlock Guck

Tubby Haig, Hanshichi, Charles Harding, Kutt Hardy, John Hare, Paul Harley, Dixon Hawke, Marshal Hawke, A.B.C. Hawkes, Hawkeye (I) (Fenton Drake), Michael Hearne, Lowden Heath, Fred Hellington, Holman Herne, Taddy Hild, Richard Hildebrandt, Gray Hodges, Hok Song, Picklock Holes, Axel Holm (II), Charles Holm, Carter Holmes, Curlock Holmes, Shedlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, Jr., Shirley Holmes, Stanley Holmes, Stuart HolmesSuburban Holmes, Zinsheimer Holmes, Shairlock Holtes, Sorolakkho Hom, Burstup Homes, Shylock Homes, Unlock Homes, Homura Soroku, Harold Hood, Inspector Hook, Russell Howard, Ivan Hron, Hu XianMervyn Hume, Sheerluck Hums, Hungarian Detective, Michael Hunt, Huo Sang, Sexton Hyde 

Kartal Ihsan, Iko Terouka, Ito-Naki, Robby Ix  

Jack Jackson, Lord Jackson, Sylvester Jackson, Jan, Jimmie JansenZofia Jastrzebka, Joe Jenkins, Jim-Joyce, Padlock Jones, Sheerluck Jones, Junilla (misc.), Junsun  

Maxwell Kean, Gable Keen, Jack Keen, Norton Keen, Russell Keene, Gordon Keith, Harrison Keith, Mac Kena, George KennedyKetelbinkie (misc.), Surelock Keys, Ethel King, John King, Master King, Robby KingKio-Hako, Cornelis Kleinveldt, John Kling, Kobylkin, Kogoro Akechi, Asbjorn Krag, Doctor KubbKumarVicitra Kuta, Sefton Kyle 

Sherwood Lang, Jimmie Lavender, Maxim LawLê Phong, Nelson Lee, Commissaire Lenormand, Gregory Lewis, Abel Link, Professor Locksley, Sherlock Lopez, Judge LuJack Lynx, John Lyon 

John Mac Carty, Maciste (II), Madelyn Mack, Amos Lee Mappin, Maurice Marcel, Till MarksPietje Martens, Phinella MartinMcLane, Tiny Meldrum, Bhaskara Menon, Dr. Messina, Miss CleverKarl Monk, Dr. Morrison, Will Morton, Cikornya Muki

Necati, Tom Nick-Tom, Nicton, Nina, Eva Nina, Branders Noble, Martin Numa 

Quintus Oakes, Old Ebbie, Bertil Orn, Dr. Osmont 

Billy Pagan, Harry Lytton Paine, Panopta, Jack Patterson, Ady Paulson, Joe Petrosino, Tom Pick, Pick Vick, Fred Pinkerton, Jimmy Pinkerton, Nat Pinkerton, Miss Piriston, Leon Pitaval, Thackeray Place, Vefa Polad, Polish Detective (I), Polish Detective (II), Polish Detective (III), Solar Pons, Nic Pratt, I.D. Putilin 

Quentin Quayne 

Raff-Card, Rankanatan, Noel Raymond, Vernon Read, Recai (II)Bob Reid, Luis Reimond, Julian Renard, Edgar Ridder, Nat Ridley, Braley Rising, James Robertson, William RobertsonSimon Rolfe, Ros-Koff, Burdock RoseGerhard Rotenberg, Joao Roxo, Bob Roy, Max Rudolph, Ruggles, Grant Rushton, Russian Detective, Mr. Ruum 

Sabri, Yildirim Sadi, San Sha, Harry Sander, John SanfordQuincy Adams Sawyer, Rafael Schermann, Allan Scott, Secret Policeman, Bronislaw Sep, Tom Shark, John Sharpe, Holmlock Shears, Sherlocko, Herlock Sholmes, Herr Lock Shomes, Kerlock Shomes, Radford Shone, Sier Djoon, John Siloch, Dr. Silva, Tom Silvan, Ananda Singh, Sir John, Smantor, Henry Smith (I), Raden Soebrata, Song WuqiSoroku Komuro, Martin Speed, Speed-Boat Trackers, Professor Sphinx, John Spurlock, Gregor Stadelman, Steel Fist, Martin Steel, Robert Sterling, Harry Stilson, Ben Stockley, Fleming Stone, Christopher Strain, Peter Strangely, Harry Strong, Falcon Swift, Courtenay Sykes 

Mac An Tabu, Frank Tarleton, Paul Templeton, William Tharps, Harry Thomson, Thong-in, Hallur Thorsteinsson, Three-Fingered Kate (Sheerluck Finch), Louwrens Tips, Fielding Torrance, Derek Trent, Vernon Trew, Dagobert Trostler, Hector Tumbler 

Ubique (misc.), Dr. Ulmo 

Van Wyck, Paul Vanel, Vidaut 

Inspector Wade, Maurice Wallion, Wanda of Brannburg, Harry Ward, Silas Ward, Wat Song, Stuart Webbs, Stefan Wenke, Assar Wern, Pinklin West, Jack White, Ralph Williamson, Bob Wilson, Harry Wilson, John Wilson, Nick Winter, Justus Wise, Nero Wolfe 

Darrell Yorke 

Sebastian Zambra, Zenigata Heiji, Dr. Zigomar

Gun Moll. The Gun Moll—the female shootist who acts as sidekick and occasionally lover to a fictional villain—can be traced to the historical bandits which plagued Europe in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. The bandits were almost usually male, but female members of their gangs were, while rare, not entirely unknown. As is usually the case with women in a traditionally male environment or profession, these women were forced to be tougher and more deadly than their male counterparts, purely to gain their respect. These women were duplicated in the popular fiction of various countries during these centuries, whether in ballads, broadsheets, or penny dreadfuls. More broadly, of course, these women were following in the path of previous historical women warriors, from the Amazons to Greek myth to the female armies of the Ashanti to the women samurai to the female revolutionaries of Russia and China in the 19th and 20th centuries. Nor was there a shortage of female criminals in most countries during the 1800s and 1900s whose crimes were violent and who used weapons with all the seriousness and skill of their male counterparts. The pulp writers were probably not aware of the specifics of this history, and probably would not have cared if they’d known. For them, the Gun Moll was an alluring symbolic combination of sex and violence, as perfectly a symbol of the Bad Girl for the pulps as the Femme Fatale.

Buffalo Bill (Dell Dauntless)

Al Capone (I) (Eveline), Queen Sue Carlton

Velma Dare

El Fantasma (Vera)

Rhoda Gray

Hawk From Hell (Mickey)

Jimmie Lavender (misc.), Jack Lloyd (Sybil Craig)

The Madame, Dizzy Malone, M. Mystere (misc.)

David Napoleon (nameless Gun Moll), Inspector Necker (misc.), Nena Sahib (Anarkalli)

Officer 444 (the Vulture)

Polack Annie

Secret Agent X-9 (misc.), Hans Stosch-Sarrasani (Rita Flame-Hair)

Guy Vercheres, Von Kase (Lucy & Irma)

Hobo. There have always been homeless wanderers, from the Romany (Gypsies) to the Vagabonds to the more modern Gentlemen of the Road. But the 1920s and especially the 1930s saw an enormous increase in the number of men and women who roamed across various countries. In the 1920s the usual population of wanderers was added to by the “new poor,” the men and women left jobless by the post-World War One recession, by the deaths of wage-earners in the 1918 flu pandemic, and by the general destruction to infrastructures and economies caused by World War One. In the 1930s, the global depression sent millions from their homes in search of work or simply a new place to farm or even to just start over. In reality, the lives of men and women who were forced to abandon their homes in search of work were harsh, desperate, and dangerous. Work was hard to come by, food almost as difficult to find and rarely nutritious or even safe, townspeople suspicious, police inimical, travel life-threatening, and a greater-than-average percentage of fellow wanderers criminal, violent, or mentally ill. Yet, curiously, the pulps seemed to find the Hobo an attractive character to portray in a heroic and adventurous light.

Bagdad, Bill & JimBob & Bo, G-XGiglamps, Highway, Honk & Horace, Jimmie Jackson, Kiki, King Charlie, Placido, Boxcar Reilly, Rob Saunders, Slim Jim, Tommy Thorne 

Jungle HeroTarzan (I) was not the first fictional Jungle Hero. But, while there were a number of characters in fiction who were abandoned as children and grew up as feral children, usually in jungles and usually acquiring the skills of animals–Kipling’s Mowgli is foremost among this group–Tarzan was in most cases the standard on which successive iterations of the Jungle Hero was modeled.

Angel (I)Angrad 

Black Diamond (woman), Bomba (I)Bos'n Hal (Rip)

Hein Class (N'gui), Betty Castleton

Kurt Danner (Jungle Queen), Darwa, Daughter of the JungleTabu DickValerie Drew (misc.)


Dick Hatteras, Hero of the WildsHurricane (misc.)

Jan of the JunglePolaris Janess, Jim of the Jungle, Genius Jones, Jongor, Jubal, Jungle Girl, Jungle King, Jungle Queen

Ka-Zar, Ketelbinkie (Zartan of the Monkeys), Ki-Gor, Kioga (I), Kioga (II), Kroom, Kulafu, Kwa of the Jungle

Joan Lawrence, Lion Ruler of the JungleLord of the JungleLothel

MalaMatalaa, Morgo the Mighty, M. Mystere (Panther Woman)

Nanuk, Nyoka


Dirk Reid 

SangrooSavage Woman, Simon, Sindhu, Sojarr, Sorak, Spirit of the Forest, Doreen Stockwell 

Tim Tyler (Mary), 

Taishan, Tam, Tamar, Tani, Tarcaneta, Targa, Tarsa, Tarzan, Terramarear, Tiger Woman, Rolf Torring (misc.)

Uirassu, Ultus (II), Ursus  

Wallner & Ring (misc.), Wama, Wild Boy 

Zambo, Zed-29 (Tarzan of Korea), Zobi 

Killer Vigilante. Since the 18th century Western adventure fiction has always privileged heroes who do not kill and who show mercy to their victims by allowing the legal system to punish them. The Western genre has the best formulation for the philosophy behind this: a hero fights barbarians, but sometimes a hero must use lethal force to fight barbarians–but in using lethal force, the hero becomes a barbarian. However, there have always been characters who chose murderous vengeance over socially sanctioned justice. The following is a list of these characters in the pulps. (This category does not include characters who are fighting in a war, since by definition they are soldiers or spies rather than vigilantes).

Pâwang AliAngel (II)

Black (III)Black BarrVilliers Beethom-SaundersPaul BernardBlack MothBlack RiderKiller BlakeGuncat BodmanJim BuffaloEthan Burr

Jack Calhoun, Captain MesquiteNick Carter (I)Humphrey ChallonerFrank ClamartRed ColtCrimson Mask

Monsieur de ParisDeath AngelDormouseDrago

Dr. Flame

Gary Greer

Satan Hall

The Judge, Just Men


Major John T. LacyLady GhostLeatherface (I)

Marquis of BroadwayMinnalkodi, Mister Death (I), Mister Finis, Schuyler Montgomery, Frank Moran, Douser Mulligan 

Bill Navarro 

Octopus (II) (Skull Killer)

Park Avenue Hunt Club, Molly Pepper, Phantasma, Phantom Thief (II), Johnny Pike 

Ranny Kid, Raul (II), Rawhide Terror, The Ringer 

Satanas (III), Scorpion (II) (the Skull Killer), Senor Red Mask, Sign of the Twisted Tooth, Len Siringo, Spider (II), Stinger Seave

Dodo Temple, Three Vigilantes, Two Pistols 

Vindex, Baron von Genthner 

Perry Westbrook, Mr. Whimple, Whispering Monk, Whistler, White Rings, Keightley Wilbur

Legionnaire.  Characters in this category are members of the French Foreign Legion (rarely, the Spanish Foreign Legion), and their stories are about their actions fighting various evil North African (or, more unusually, Southeast Asian) peoples. The classic example of this sort of character is Beau Geste, from P.C. Wren’s Beau Geste. Characters who are members of the Legion but whose adventures are not primarily about fighting with the Legion against the natives, such as Ethan Drew, are not included here.

John H. BarringtonOtho BellemeBulldog BladeHeinz Brandt

Derek CarringtonRex CatorThibault CordayCurialo & Withers

Danish LegionnaireRaul de Velasco (I)Dirty Dogs' ClubDreadnought DonovanSinclair Noel Brodie Dysart

Norbert Falk

Beau Geste, Grellon 

Mister Jenkin (misc.)

Legionnaire (I), Legionnaire (II), Legionnaire (III), The Little Legionnaire 


Anton Petrov

Jacques Radoub, Lieutenant Renkonen, Rolf Rodewald

John Silent, Spanish Legionnaires

Three Musketeers (I), Tino

Don Warren 

Yank and 'Ector

Lost Race. The following is not a list of Lost Races, but rather of characters who encounter Lost Races or belong to them or rule them. A Lost Race can be defined as a culture or people who continue to exist, usually in geographic isolation, long after their original contemporaries have died out, so that Aztecs, Cro-Magnons, and the Lost Tribes of Israel are encountered in the present day in Lost Race fiction.

Olaf K. Abelsen (Inca), Adelita (Aztecs), Adventure Boys (Inca), Airship Boys (Aztec), El Alacran (Aztecs), Roberto Alcazar (misc.), Tom Anderson (ape-men), Antinea (Atlantis), James Armitage (Inca), Jack Armstrong (misc.), Atalanta (Mayans), Aztoc (Aztecs)

Bain Children (Chinese), Bantan (South Pacific), Barrow Brothers (Vikings), Clyde Beatty (misc.), Alejandro Bello (conquistadors), Knut Berg (misc., Egyptians), Blue Hawk (Aztecs), Hannibal Blunt (ocean floor), Boy Adventurers (El Dorado), Brick Bradford (misc.), John Bradford (Ottawas & Mohawks), Heinz Brandt (Inca), Buffalo Bill (Aztecs, White Indians of the Yucatan, misc.), 

Capitan Misterio (African), Captain Justice (Amazon jungles), Carabao MenNick Carter (I) (misc.), Helen Chase (blind albino Romans), Sir Ralf Clifford (Inca), Connie (Inca, Tibetans), Pete Crane (white El Doradons)

Joe Dalton (Aztecs), Diana Daw (Egyptians), Deerslayer (Aztecs), Raphael Drale (Lost Tribes of Israel), Drome (Greeks)

Eva (II) (women)

Dick Ferris (dinosaurs)

Walter Goodwin (Persians), Ronald Gowan (misc.), Nicholas Graydon (white Peruvians), Maud Gregaards (city of Ophir)

Halloran (misc.), Ralph Hausen (dinosaurs), Dixon Hawke (misc.), Captain Holton (Teeheemen), Bob Hunter (II) (Aztecs), Hurricane (Aztecs, Maya, numerous others)

Iluko (misc.), Isban Israel (white Africans) 

Jack, Doc & Reggie (misc.), Jan of the Jungle (colony of Mu), Polaris Janess (Greeks), Billy Jenkins (Aztecs), Jongor (entire land of Caspak)

Ka-Zar (misc), Kennedy (white Aztecs [sic]), Lord Kingsley (Inca), John Kling (Maya), Richard Knight (misc.), Horst Kraft (white Chinese)

Nelson Lee (white Giants of El Dorado, Romans), Captain Livingstone (misc.), Luvium, Mammoths, Victor Marshall (Mah-Eng), Roderick McKay (white Amazonians), Captain Morgan (Aztec, Inca, Maya, Maori), Francis Morgan (misc.), Phil Morgan (Inca, misc.), Stanley Morton (white Africans), Motor Boys (Seminoles), Motor Rangers (Bolivians), Miss Mousqueterr (Dodekhan), Mystery Boys (II) (Inca)

New Robinson (white Polynesians), Nick (techno utopia)

Larry O'Brien (Mesopotamians), Ozar of the Aztec (Aztecs)

Bronc Peeler (Aztecs), Dick Peter (misc.), Jurgen Peters (Ophir), Harry Piel (Tibet), Nat Pinkerton (escaped slaves)

Radio Boys (I) (Atlantis), Radio Boys (II) (Atlantis), Gail Reddick (misc.), Wanda Redeski (Cro-Magnons), Republica 3000, Rin-Tin-Tin (I) (subterranean techno-utopianists), Tex Ripley (Chinese), Rob the Rover (misc.), Rockheart (white native Mexicans), Rolf Rodewald (Inca, Maya), Romano (North Pole)

Samuel (subterranean super-city), Savaran (Quakers, Amazons), Alan Severn (Vikings), Sherwood (Inca), Sitting Bull (Mound Builders), Sky Buddies (Inca), Skyroads (misc.), Spanish Archaeologist (Maya), Spanish Engineer (Inca), Sam Steele (Atlanteans), Strang the Terrible (various), John Strong (various), Don Sturdy (Maya)

Tahara (blue-eyed Aryans in the Sahara), Tailspin Tommy (Inca), Tarzan (misc.), Texas Jack (Aztecs), Three Boy Scouts (Inca), Three Mesquiteers (misc.), Jim Tipton (white Aryans), Rolf Torring (Tibetans), Larry Trent (misc.), Two Kids (misc.), Tim Tyler (misc.)

Ultus (II) (Neanderthals)

Dick van Brunt (Aztecs), Pancho Villa (Maya)

Thunder Jim Wade (Cretans), Mack Wan (conquistadors), Billy West (Inca), Hal Wharton (Africans), White Horseman (Native Americans), Tex Willer (Maya), Wonder Island Boys (Atlanteans), Jack Wright (misc.)

Yukon (misc.) 

Zorak (Andeans)

Loving Enemy. The “Loving Enemy” is the opponent of a story’s protagonist who also has romantic feelings for the protagonist, and who the protagonist is attracted to. But because the Loving Enemy is an enemy, the Loving Enemy and the protagonist cannot be together. In many (though not all) cases the pair are united in love by the end of the story, serial, or series. The quintessential Loving Enemy is Sexton Blake’s Mademoiselle Yvonne de Cartier, who would have been Blake’s wife if not for her criminal ways. (Irene Adler had respect for Sherlock Holmes, but not romantic affection).

Lord Barradine (Mary Fearn), Commandant Benoit (Erna Flieder), Black Masks (Lieutenant van Muhlen), Sexton Blake (Mlle. Yvonne), Blue Jean Billy (Robert Wood), Anna Brandt (Jack Dering)

Kid Calvert (Sheriff Terry), Captain Midnight (Luna White, the Moon Woman), Captain Storm (Muley el-Kadel)

Daring & Co. (Max Matmaddox), Theodore Drost (Seymour Kennedy), Detective Duck (Lady Baffles), Dixon Hawke (the Black Angel)

Jack Hilton (Maruska, Queen of the Time Bandits)

IXE-13 (Taya)

Jumelia (Debendra Bijoy Mitra), Jungle Jim (Shanghai Lil)

Ambrose Lavendale (female spy), Anne & David Layton (Chamorin), Lê Phong (Henriette Mai Hu'o'ng), Nelson Lee (Mademoiselle Miton the Black Wolf), Terry Lee (La Choi San, the Dragon Lady), Lone Eagle (II) (R-47)

Magician (II) (the Tigress), Mandrake the Magician (Narda), Mr. Mystic (Elena), Debendra Bijoy Mitra (Jumelia)

Noel Raymond (Rosina the Baffling), Buck Ryan (Zola Andersen), Ryhmy & Romppainen (Natalia Vengrovska)

Spirit (P'Gell)

Kate Westhanger (pursuing policeman)

Z-X-5 (Princess Alleja) 

Lupin. A Lupin is a man (usually) of Society, of good breeding and good manners, who enriches himself, or simply earns his daily wage, through crime, all while carrying himself in a high style and dressing in the most au courant fashion. What separates the Lupin from the ordinary master thief is the joie de vivre with which the Lupin carries himself, and the taunting relationship he maintains with police. (This is why Zenith the Albino is not a Lupin: Zenith is filled with weltschmertz, not joy). The Lupin, like the Bellem and the Great Detective, is named after the archetypal example of the character form: Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin. Arsène Lupin was not the first Lupin. One can argue that the historical gentleman bandits of the 17th century were Lupins avant la lettre, and Lupin fiction began with Grant Allen’s Colonel Clay (1896-1897). Some partisans will continue to maintain that A.J. Raffles is the quintessential gentleman thief. But Arsène Lupin is a more memorable character, as well as being better written, and ultimately it was Lupin rather than Raffles who better embodied the character type and was more influential on other characters.

Heywood AchisonJohn AinsleyAlaska-Jim (Silken Jimmy), Frank Allan (J. Hopkins), Arita RyuzoAudaxAvni (misc.)

Band of Seven (laughing thief), Count BasilStephen BenedictLuc Berville (Paul Dufresnoy), Black CatBlack DragonBlack Knight (I)Black Spider, BlackshirtBoston BettyBoston BlackieFelix Boyd (Karl Sleuger), Rolf Brand (misc.), Anna BrandtBrentyDixon Brett (Black Eagle), Father Brown (Flambeau), Mack BullBaron BunnyYu Bu-ranThe Burglar 

CabriolaBill CannonJim CarlyJim CarterCascarilla (I)Fred CaterpinkThe ChameleonChinese ThiefChucho el RotoSamson ClairvalHein Class (Leng Yok), Hamilton CleekFilip CollinCharley Colmes (Knave of Spades), Cosgrove (Morgan), Crochard,

Daring & Co. (Max Matmaddox), Dark LanternCarter de RavenJuan Del DueroLucien Delorme (misc.), Lloyd DemarestJack DeslyDaniel DesmondCount Bindo di FerrarisRiley DillonDionBill Disley (Mr. Black), Doctor NieblaJohn Doe (I)Guy DorianDormouseValerie Drew (Marcelle Dauphine), Detective Duck (Lady Baffles), Baronet DuncanHenri Dupie

Elang EmasEnggang Enggap

Female ThiefLindley Fenshaw (Ferris), Jack Forbes (Robinet), Colonel ForsytheMr. FoxWill FoxHarry FranklinJack Franklin (Jim Hundling), Fresquinho

Gagaklodra, Galaor, Gauner, Father Gomar, Gray SealKnut Gribb (Thomas Ryer), Griffard, Gu-Gu

Dr. Hanson, John Harrison, Ben Hassett, Hawker, Hermine, Raffles HolmesHuo Sang (Lu Ping), Huang Ying

Yves JarryJim-Joyce (Sir Fantasm), Jeremiah Jones, Marc Jordan (Comte de Cazales)

Kadri, King of KnavesEthel King (Stanford), William King, Lord KingsleyJohn Kling 

Robert Lacelles, Sophie Lang, Arsen Lapin, Tilki Leman, Lord Lister, Arsin LoupinLu Bin, Lu Ping, Arsene Lupien, Arsene Lupin

Alonzo MacTavish, Dan Maitland (Dan Anisty), MalabarThe Man in Purple, The Man with the Half-MaskGeorges ManolescuMaud, Lady Mechante, Gerald Meldrick, Dirk Memling, Miss Robin Hood, Mister Nobody (II), Modern Thief, Moker, Inspector Morgan (I) (Gentleman Coggins), Phil Morgan (misc.), Antonio Mussolino, Jack Mylong (misc.)

Nahit, Pire Necmi 

Fred Parker (Monocle John), Bill Patmore, The Penman, Prince Petroff, Phantom of the Skyscrapers, Phantom Thief (I), Phantom Thief (II), Harry Piel (misc.), Fred Pinkerton (Gostin), Nat Pinkerton (misc.), George Edgar Pipe, Si Pitung, Max Pogge, Nic Pratt (Johnny Four Toes), Ramon Pujol 

Dr. Quartz (Gaston Dupont)

Rafferty, A.J. Raffles, John C. Raffles (I), John C. Raffles (II), Lady Raffles, Noel Raymond (Rosina the Baffling), Recai, Red Glove, Red Mask (II), Red Rose, Ricimero, Rigadin, Thomas RobbersJames Robertson (various including Arsene Lupin), Robin, Maximo Roldan, Jens Rolf (Jimmy Brook), Rollanda, Rombadode, Kiriti Roy (Kaalo Bhromor), Clemens Rubby (misc.), Ruggiero 

Dr. Salsya (Barney Branton), Saltarelli, Kornet Savinno, Eddie Savoy, Scarlet Fox, Sebastian, Shadow Crook, Tom Shark (Mac Norton), John Sharpe (The Iron Hand), Charity Sheen, Bob Sheridan, Radford Shone, Sigono, John Siloch (Ruder-Ox), Silver King (Spider), Silver Pistol ThiefAnanda Singh (Arasur Lakshmanan), Sir Fantasm, Lord SisterRaden Soebrata (Patjar Koening), Hans Stark (misc.), Stingaree, John Strobbins, Baron Cesare Stromboli, Lord Stuart, Falcon Swift (Claude Montana)

Tenebras, Texan Wasp, Thief, Thief-Taker, Cecil Thorold, Three-Fingered Kate, Derek Tredgold 

Captain Valentine, Paul van der Pool, Mrs. A.J. van Raffles, Guy Vercheres, Virakecari, Von Kase, Graf Harras von Kraft 

Tip Walter (Man of Masks), Wat Song (Kang Lam Yan), Willums, John Wilson (various)

Za-la-Mort, Zigomar (III)Zogar, Zoraja 

Mad Scientist. This category includes both the malicious and cruel and those who are merely insane and given to joyfully shouting “And they called me mad in school–MAD, I TELL YOU!”

Olaf K. Abelsen (Dr. Death), AC-12 (misc.), Adelita (misc.), Bernard AdrianEl Alacran (misc.), Frank Allan (misc.), Jimmie Allen (Prof. Partenon Proteus), Alraune (Dr. Ten Brinken), Apaches (III) (misc.), Claire ArcherAudaz (misc.), Avenger (II) (misc.)

Alan Baker (misc.), BakterevProfessor BandovProfessor BarterThe Bat (I), John Baxter (misc.), Jaime Bazan (misc.), Viola Beech (Franz Borg), Beiker (Dr. Burton), Knut Berg (Dr. Pang, Si Kahn), Big Chief Wahoo (Doctor Weerd), Biogeno (trio), Black Mask (III) (misc.), Dr. BlairBlue Hawk (misc.), Boireau (misc.), Carlos & Marcos Bon (misc.), BoroffBos'n Hal (Doctor Cortex), Brick Bradford (misc.), Brain (Dr. Jaeger), James BrewsterAlbert Brien (misc.)

Cameron, Lorenzo CameronCaptain Justice (Garth Leopold, misc.), Dr. CarescoPaul Carruthers, Cesar (misc.), Charlie Chan (misc.), Chandu (misc., Roxor), Charro Negro (II) (misc.), Deepak Chatterjee (misc.), Chinese Mad ScientistChinese Scientist, Richard CiruguelCutty Clay (misc.), Sir Ralf Clifford (Chinese), Bill Cnox (Devil Professors), Colette (misc.), Copperhead (Doctor Satan), Paul CoriolosDaniel Craig (misc.), Dr. CrespiWalter Crummel (Eric Grausmann), Dr. Cusick

Ace Dallas (misc.), Kurt Danner (misc.), Pietro DarenaJack Darrell (Borgmann), Darwa (Professor Silvio), Gil Dax (misc.), Jules de Grandin (misc.), Department Z (misc.), Professor DexterThe Doctor (misc.), Doctor Death, Doctor QDoctor XJohn Doe (I) (Dr. Gold), Richard Donovan (Franz Mueller), Richard DrakeEthan Drew (Wise One), Colonel Dubois (misc.), Duke (Dr. Death), Paula Dupree (Dr. Walters, misc.), Dr. Dyenis

ElectricianProfessor Ernst

El Fantasma (misc.), Dr. FarringtonJorn Farrow (misc., Dr. Singh Nokita), Felifax (Sir Edmund Sexton), Female Spy (Despaix), Dr. FlaxDr. FortiFrench Mad ScientistFrench ScientistFu Manchu (II) (misc.)

Gadski, Garth (Mme. Voss, misc.), Bruce Gentry (Dr. Benson), Ghanada (Ludvic), Gilroy (misc.), Dr. GogolColin Gray (misc.), Grey Claw, Tommy GreyG-8 (Herr Doktor Krueger, many)

Dr. Eustace Hailey (misc.), Dr. HallinHarald Harst (Doctor Shing Guddai), Dixon Hawke (misc.), Harry Hill (misc.), Homunculus (Edgar Rodin), Homura Soroku (Dr. Otone), Hooded Terror, Hungarian ScientistHurricane (misc.), Hurricane Hutch (misc.) 

Invisible Speedman (Doctor X), Robby Ix (Li-tang-ho), IXE-13 (misc.) 

Jan of the Jungle (Doctor Bracken), Japanese Doctor, Japanese Mad ScientistGenius Jones (John Harvard)

Princess Kah (Frankensteinian body-constructor), KennedyProfessor KernLord Kingsley (misc.), John Kling (misc.), Konserson, Korak, Kosmacs (Karl Dietz), Asbjorn Krag (Engineer Barra), Dr. Cornelius Kramm, Anton Krechet (misc.), Doktor Kuba

Arthur Lamb, Anthony Lance (misc.), Bradley Lane (Marnee), Dr. Laurence, Paul Lavond (Marcel), Doctor LerneLord Lister (misc.)

Professor MacBeard, Mad Scientist (I), Mad Scientist (II), Mad Scientist (III)Mad Scientist (IV), Professor Magnus (Dr. Cicuta), James Mallaby (misc.), The Man From Nowhere, The Man with Two Heads (Dr. Lincoln), Mandrake the Magician (Luciphor, misc.), Richard MarloweTodd Marvel (Karl Kristian), MasakiMaster Magician (Ching Fu), Dr. Matto, Gaston Max (misc.), Albert Mayo (misc.), Mazalier (Marquis de Saint-Imier), Dan McCormick (Dr. Rigas), Dr. Meirschultz, Professor Merrivale, Ulrich Metz, Donald Millstein (Verensky), Miraculas (Prof. Spurtzheim), Miramar, Miramar, Mister District Attorney (misc.), Burton Montrose, Tom Morgan (Zaroff), Will Morton (would-be Frankenstein), Doctor Munsker, El Murcielago (Senor Z), M. Mystere (Breeder of Women)

Lee Nace (misc.), Yves Nedellec (misc.), New Eccentric Club (misc.), Myra North (Dr. Zero), Martin Numa (misc.), The Nyctalope (Oxus)

Octopus (II), Terence X. O'Leary (Count Joseph von Krassner), Dr. Ord 

Doctor Palfrey (misc.), Fred Parker (various), Doctor Patki, Harry Piel (Professor Terlan, misc.), Nat Pinkerton (Doctor Myann), Ward Platt (Ainsworth), Posi & Nega (trio), Victor Poten, PrestonProfessor Pye, 

Radio-Phone Boys (misc.), John Rand (Velska), Reo Ratt (misc.), Ray (misc.), Dr. Reich, Dr. Renan, Paul Renault, Robert Renault, Douglas Renfrew (Speavy), Captain Richard (Dr. Marchesi), Dr. RigasCaptain Rob (Lupardi), Robert & Sheyla (Katiff), Roberts & Co. (misc.), James Robertson (would-be Frankenstein), Jens Rolf (Doctor Mors), Dr. Rotwang, Kiriti Roy (Doctor Wong), Russian Scientist 

Dr. Sangre, Dr. SantroFedor Ivanovitch Sarraskine, Dr. Savaard, Scorpion (II), Shark (Dr. X), Tom Shark (misc.), Ali Singh, Silent Smith (Nazis), Soviet Scientist, Spider Man (misc.), Spirou (Zorglub), Fritz Stagart (owner of the Horror Machine), Dr. Stander, Nick Starr (misc.), John Steel (Thuringian), Stegil, Madame Storey (misc.), Professor Strang, Philip Strange (misc.)

Tailspin Tommy (misc.), Harry Taxon (Indian), Thelma and Patsy (misc.), Doctor Thorkel, Three Boy Scouts (Dr. Moreau Lite), Toby (Lord Pety), Professor Tornada, Rolf Torring (Wonder Doctor, various), Pearl Travers (would-be Frankenstein), Terry Trimble (misc.), Grigorii Trirodov 

Ultus (II) (misc.)

Jean Valhardi (misc.), Dr. Van Altermann, Dr. van Niemann, Guy Vercheres (misc.), Virus, The Voice (I), Andreas Vollmer 

Mack Wan (misc.), Whitney Wheat (misc.), Tex Willer (the Master), John Wilson (Long Ben), Don Winslow (Dr. Centaur) 

X-14 (Soviets)

Yuma (misc.) 

Zed-29 (Microbe Maker), Dr. Zin, Dr. Ziska, Zolok, Alex Zorka, Dr. Zucco 

Nüxia/Wüxia.  A wüxia is a wandering Chinese knight errant, with nüxia being the female version. There were historical wüxia, emerging during the chaos of the Warring States period (403-221 B.C.E.), and protecting the weak and oppressed against the powerful and unjust. Wüxia appear in the historical record through the centuries and dynasties, only disappearing during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 C.E.). In Chinese fiction the nüxia and wüxia are as common, and symbolically potent, as the cowboy is in Western fiction. The nüxia/wüxia is a highly skilled warrior and martial artist. Often (though not always) their mastery of qi has allowed them to “fly over eaves and walk on walls,” hence the description of wüxia as “flying swordsmen.” Martial artists who lack these superhuman skills are not included in this category.

Bai SuyingJudge Bao (assistants), Black CloakBlack Peony

Chang Mei (assistants)

Fang YuqinFei LongFengFive NuxiaFlying SwallowFlying TigerFong Sai Yuk

Guan Xiugu, Gui Wu (I), Gui Wu (II)

He Yufeng, Hero of the Air, Hong Xiaoyuan, Huo Yuanjia

Jiangnan SwordswomanJigong (friends)

Kam Fung Chi, Kunlun Monks

Lady in Red, Li Ch’ih-chün (misc.), Li FeifeiLi Mu BaiLong Menghua (misc.), Louw Tjheng TieAunt Lu

Ma YongzhenMagic EyeMistress of the Spear

Nameless Hero

Judge Peng (assistants), Pirate Queen (I) 

Red Beauty (misc.), Red Butterfly, Red Lady, Rural Swordsman 

Sam-neung, Seven Monks, Judge Shi (misc.), Shi Jianqiao 

Two Swords Nuxia 

Wang Brothers, Wang Daolong, White Swallow 

Yang Yuchun, Yi Zhimei, Yun Mei 

Zhan Mubai, Zhao Lin (misc.), 

Occult Detective. Occult detectives are those investigators, usually gentlemen amateurs rather than professionals, who specialize in cases involving the supernatural. Although the occult detective first appeared in the 19th century–the character usually described as the first major occult detective is J.S. Le Fanu’s Doctor Hesselius (1869-1872)–it was in the 20th century, and in pulp fiction, that the occult detective became a distinctive character type.

Pierre d'Artois

BarodaLuna BartendaleIvan Brodsky

Thomas CarnackiLucian CarolusFrancis ChardRex Cole, Jr.CranshaweSheila Crerar

Dr. DantonJeffery DarkeJules de Grandin, Dr. Elias de JongSar DubnotalDoctor Dyn



Simon IffPhileas Immanuel

Karamahati, Dr. Karnac, Moris KlawKram

Michael Leigh, Dr. James Livingstone

Dr. Martinus, Mascar the MysticJohn Meredith, Mesmer Milann, Minx, Mister X, Doctor Muncing

Neils Orsen

Miles Pennoyer, Psychic Detective, Hugh Docre Purcell, Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant 

Sebastian Quin 

Professor Raveleigh, Ravenwood, Arnold Rhymer, Jens Rolf 

Derek Scarfe, Semi-Dual, Mark Shadow, Doctor Silence 

Dr. Taverner 

Godfrey Usher  

Aylmer Vance, Teddy Verano, Rene Vergnaud, Norton Vyse  

Scarsdale Waring, Pick WinklerDr. Xavier Wycherley  

Zhong Kui

Planetary Romance Hero. A planetary romance can be defined as a romance (in the traditional sense) in which a human in the modern day travels to another planet or moon and has an adventure there, in much the same way that wanderers in more traditional folktales went into Faerie, adventured there, and returned home. (In a sense Peter Pan can be seen as a kind of Planetary Romance Hero). As used in this encyclopedia, it refers specifically to characters who go from Earth to only one planet during the story, rather than touring the solar system, which is why Mr. Absurdity is not a Planetary Romance Hero, tempting though it was to include him here. Arguably the archetypal Planetary Romance Hero is John Carter

Frank AlisonLester AllisonProfessor ArnouxAwlo of Ulm

Narcisse BarbidonBel (Tyman Currio), BellBigelowDoctor Brande

Philip CareweJohn CarterJason Croft

Joe DalRobert DarvelRay de AsturMark DexterDash DixonDoctor Omega

Five Greeks (I)Admiral Fudge, Daniel Futrell

Flash Gordon, Robert Grandon 

Fred Harding, William HaverfieldHodomur

Isaak & Benjamin

Gulliver Jones, Don Juan

Karl Lindner, Professor Longhorn, Los

Martians (misc.), Milton, Mortimer and Summers, Serge Myrandhal 

Carson Napier, Norbert 

Jack Paladin, Professor Palmer, Professor Planetarios 


Radio Man, Raff, Elwin Ransom 

Spaceman (I), Spaceman (II), Ned Spencer, Edmond Stonewall 

Barton Thunder, Tintin (I), Tom (I) 

Franco Vela,  

Prehistoric Adventurer. Any character whose adventures take place before recorded history. (I.e., cavemen and cavewomen). 

AkAlley Oop, HokOg, Tharn, Toka, Ug, Uk 

Primates. Because, in the classic formulation of Chris Roberson, everything is improved by the judicious application of primates. (A.k.a., everything's better with monkeys). Also because primates are iconic creatures of the pulps. 

Bernard Adrian (gorilla), Furio Almirante (Serafino), Tom Anderson (ape-men), Ape, Ariaman (de Mangro)

Babar (Zephir), Balaoo, Professor Barter (brain-swapped ape), Bazarada (apes of Gibraltar), Johnny Black (McGinty), Boireau (monkey), Bomba (I) (Doto the monkey), Bos'n Hal (intelligent ape-men), Boy Adventurers (missing link), Boy Explorers (Ape-Man of Sumatra), James Brewster, Beau Brummel

Charka, Helen Chase (strangler monkeys)

Professor Dangerfield (various), Kurt Danner (ape-men), Darwa (ape), Bruce Dayton (various), Mark Dexter (carnivorous intelligent apes), Doctor Satan (Girf), Doctor Dolittle (Chee-Chee), Drome (bat-winged apes), Robert Dupont (murderous ape-man), Paula Dupree 

French Scientist (monkey-men), Fu Manchu (I) (Abyssinian man-baboon), Fu Manchu (II) (cigar-smoking monkey soldiers)

Gorilla King (Sun Wukong), GoriraColin Gray (Tibetan ape-men), Vrouw Grobelaar (were-baboons), G-8 (Herr Grun, Dr. Schlemmer's flying gorilla-men)

Wade Hammond (poisoner ape), Harkness & Bullard (ape-men)

Isaak & Benjamin (giant ape)

Jungle Girl (pet monkey)

Kennedy (Genghis Khan), Ki-Gor (monkey pal), King Kong (I), King Kong (II), King Kong (III), King Kong (IV), King Kong (V), King Kong (VI), Kinko, Coffin Kirk (Tank), Kulafu (various), Kwa (various)

Dr. Laurence (monkeys), Legionnaire (II) (ape-men), Pekka Lipponen (murderous apes), Lila Lisle (assistant monkey), Bruce Logan (talking apes), Jonathan Lowe (pet monkey)

Maenden, Master Magician (murderous Man-Monkey), Captain McTeague (Tricky Turner, McTeague), Mac Milford (missing link ape men), Kirk Montgomery (Zungu the missing link), Salto Mortale (I) (Jaxa the ape-man), Miyamoto Musashi (giant white ape of the mountains)

Dr. Ord (gorilla/ape-man)

Pao-Pao, Phantom X (gorillas), Nat Pinkerton (murderous orangutan), Princess Iron Fan (Su Wukong)

Sanford Quest (ape-man)

Reo Ratt (Kaku), Robert Renault (Noel), Clemens Rubby (murderous orangutan)

SankichiNed Shackleton (missing links), Tom Shark (Ape of Benares), Sylvia Silence (Jacko), Sojarr (Truags), Spider Queen (Sun Wukong), Doreen Stockwell (Samson), Edmond Stonewall (telepathic Venusian primates), Madame Storey (Giannino)

Tahara (missing link ape-men), Targa (gladius-wielding gorilla gladiators), Tarzan (I) (various)

Wama (various), Whispering Gorilla, White Ponga, Woman in Scarlet (giant apes)

Dr. Ziska (Caliban)

Protagonists of Color. A half-truth that persists in popular and academic discourse about the pulps is that they were an all-white affair, with no people of color shown in them. To a limited degree this is true: certainly many pulps were deeply whitewashed. But as mentioned in my On Racism piece, there were a surprising number of POC characters in a large number of pulps--non-stereotypical POCs, the ones written to be as free of negative stereotypes as the writers could manage. In this the pulps were the superior of their more mainstream contemporaries, who usually never bothered to show POC at all, or did so in the most limited and racist of ways.

The following list--by no means exhaustive--is intended to show the range of Protagonists of Color in the pulps--by which mean all the pulp protagonists & all of their their sidekicks (and the pulp antagonists who have their own entry in this encyclopedia) who aren't considered white by white American society's current (extremely screwed-up) standards. So peoples from the northern coast of the Mediterranean are considered "white" and peoples from the eastern and southern coasts of the Mediterranean are not, despite the historical mixing of the two.  

(Unfortunately, a number of the characters included in this list are racist stereotypes. That, too, was the nature of the pulps, and denying it does nobody any good). 

Yayne Ababa, Abadahalla-Fan, Mr. Absurdity, Mr. Abukir, Ace of Spades (I), AdelitaAgent YZ7, Tsang Ah-bou, Air Bandit, El Alacran, Alaska Jim (Old Crow), Hassam Ali, Pawang Ali, Frank Allan (Sam), Amarbal, Amat, Mynheer Amayat, Ishmael Ameer, Aminah, Anantcin, Angel (I), AngradJim Anthony, Antinea, Apache & Wagonwheel (Apache), Apaches (II), Arita Ryuzo, Colonel Robert Lee Ashley (Shag), Avenger (II) (Josh & Rosabel Newton), Ayesha, Aztoc 

Miss B, Sundar Babu, Bahama Bill, Bai Suying, Byomkesh Bakshi, Judge Bao, Bara, Inspector Barkatullah, Baroda, Bimbashi Baruk, Abdulkasim Basri, Teofilo Batanes, Batouk, Johannes Baumgart, Dr. Belsidus, Yusuf ben Yakoud, Bengali Inspector, Kishkish Bey, Big Chief Wahoo, Big Head DetectiveBill (Chon), Bimal, Biogeno (Ortiz), Black Abbot, Black Bandit, Black Cat, Black Cheetah, Black Cloak, Black Dragon, Black Horse, Black Knight (I), Black Mask (I), Black Peony, Monsieur Blackshirt, Bloody Hand, Blue Blaze (Eagle-Eye), Blue Hawk (Sheba), Blue Man, Blue Pete, Bokulmoon, Bomba (II), Napoleon Bonaparte, Border Bandit (misc.), Arindam Bosu, Botak, Leo Brandhorst, Bugwine Breck, Yu Bu-ran, Buffalo Bill (Lung Hi, misc. native friends), Burmese Swordsman, Ethan Burr (Sam Ming)

Cagayous, Steel Callaghan (Khan Sahib Yusuf Latif), Ethel Calvert (Dr. Oshida), Lightnin' Calvert (misc.), Roman Calvo, Campu, Cankarlal, Capitan Misterio (Pancho), Captain Mors (misc. crewmen), Captain Storm (Muley el-Kadel), Tom Cardiff (misc. Onondaga), Dr. Caresco, Ken Carr (Julep), John Carruthers (Krishna), Hawk Carse (Friday), Nick Carter (I) (Ten-Ichi), Pepe Carter (Coco), Cha Erlang, Chaka, Charlie Chan, Chan Li Po, Chanda-Lung, Chandu (Nadji), Mr. Chang, Chang Mei, Charlie, Charro Negro (I), Charro Negro (II), Deepak Chatterjee, Cheng-Tu, Chibisuke, Chinese Detective, Chinese Gamine, Chinese Ghosts, Chinese Mad Scientist, Chinese Pirates, Chinese Scientist, Chinese Settlement, Chinese Spies, Chinese Spy, Chinese Thief, Chinese Woman, Chinese Vampire, Chinese Vampires, Chinese Zombie, Charlie Chong, Chu-Sheng, Chucho el Roto, Chuda (his twin), Dr. Chung, Ciclon (II) (Mootar Bin), Cigale (Doctor Mystery), Cisco Kid, Terry Clane (Yat T'oy), Jeff Clayton (Pong), Clifford (Chandra Pal), Conch Island, Le Droit Conners, Vincent Connor (Chang), Corson (Nueces), Pepe Cortes, Dr. Cranfield, Cranshawe (Japanese valet), Baltimore Criddle, Fabian Crum (Aga Aslan), Walter Crummel, Cuban Man, Werumeus Cuyk 

Dakota Dan (Chief Kicking Horse), Dankichi, Dr. Danton (everyone), Dare-to-Die Fighters, Daring Damsel, Robert Darvel (Hindu Prince), Darwa (Lotec), Daughter of the JungleAbel Daunt (Itoya), Daxo, Deadly Peasant, Deccan Queen, Deerslayer (Eagle Eye), Detective Nobody (Keigo), Detective No. 55, Detective's Wife, Devi, Savita Devi, Diamondstone (Absalom), Lieutenant Diego, Digambara Monk, Wan Teroena Djaja, Doctor QDreamy Dorkin (Chato), Abdul Dost, Drabczyk (Cherokee Al), Dragoman, Dragour (Kotman Dass), Dr. Duarte, Nita Duboin, Derwent Duff (Chin-Chin), Dukun, M. Dupont (Koufo), Dr. Dyenis, Dynamite

Eagle Eyes (White Feather), Tom Eagle, Easy Street Experts (Chinese valet), Ebony, Egyptian Clerk, Eight Immortals, Dr. Gar el Hama, Elang Emas, Pieter Elberveld, Electrical Expert, Enggang Enggap, EngineerEstimaco, Chew Evans 

Professor Fabricius, Falcon (II), Jeff Fanchon, Fang Yuqin, Fascinax (Hadaly), Fei LongFelifax, Feng, Gordon Fife (Ali), Filipino Detective, Five Nüxia, Flying Boys (Bohunkus Johnson), Flying Swallow, Flying TigerFong Sai Yuk, Dr. Forti, FrankensteinFu Manchu (I), Fu Manchu (II), Fu Manchu (III), Fuermoshi, Fuhrman Chu, Fuji, Fukuchan 

Gagaklodra, Dr. Gallardo, Gand'oki, Jo Gar, Gatunga, Crispin Gaunt (porters), Ge Nenniang, Ghanada, Ghost Face, Glen Gibson (Harry Lee Sung), Gobindoram, Golden JackalGolden Mask, Gong, Gotya, Gray Phantom (Dulla), Colin Gray (Limbu), Green Hornet (Kato), King Green, The Griffin, Battling Grogan (Ah Im), Guan Xiugu, Sherlock GuckGui Wu (I), Gui Wu (II), Guna & Cidra, The Guru  

Hansa, Hanshichi, Dick Hard (Toto), Hawk (III), Marshal Hawke (Pompey), Hawkeye (II), He Yufeng, Amos Henderson (Washington White), Hercules (Dr. Diego Arroyo), Hermine, The Hero of the Air, Hero of the WildsIsaac Heron, Pablo Herrera (nameless African sidekick), Sam Hilton (Sosepsis), Hind Kesari, Hindi Inspector, Hiroshi, Maung Hmaing, Hok Song, Sorolakkho Hom, Homura Soroku, Hobart Honey (Tibetan lama), Hong Xiaoyuan, Mortimer Hood ("gigantic negro" assistant), Hu Luting, Hu XianMr. Huang, Huang YingHuang Zhisheng, Huapactzin, Hukkakashi, Professor Hunshiyarer, Bob Hunter (II) (Red Ben Hunger), Hunterwali (everyone), Huo Sang, Huo Yuanjia, Hurricane (Lost Race Aztecs), Rex Huxford (Zipp)

Nikolai Ignatiev (Yellow Peril mandarin), Iko Terouka, Alhaji Imam, Indian Pilot, Indian Policeman, Indian SuperheroIndian Thief, Indian Vampire (I), Indian Vampire (II), Indian Vampire (III), Indian Woman, Injun & Whitey (Injun), Invisible Man (II), Iron ManIron Mask, Ishmeddin, Ito-Naki 

Jampulinkam, Janaki, Japanese Doctor, Japanese Farmer, Japanese Inventor, Japanese Mad ScientistJapanese Patriots, Japanese Policeman, Japanese Scientist, Billy Jenkins (Hunting Wolf), Jinx Jenkins, Jiangnan Swordswoman, Jigong, Jim Big-Knife, JimGrim (many), Jin Yaose, Jupiter Jones (I) (Sylvester), Shagbark Jones (Black Pete), Unofficial JonesVermilion Jones (White Mule), Zig Jones (Bolshevik Sparks), Juan Sin Miedo, Jumelia, Jungle Jim (Kolu), Jungle King, Jungle QueenJunilla, Julio Jurenito

Princess Kah, Kai Lung, KaibutsuNesho Kaik, Kala Naag, Kam Fung Chi, Kamizu Kyosuke, Solomon Kane (N'Longa), Ala Kasarib, Kee-On-Ee, Keiichi & Susumu, Ken (Pago), Dick Kent (Toma), Khabir, Chin Kwang Kham, Asaf Khan, Kharduni, KhlitKhyzil Kaya, Ki-Gor (Timbu George, N'Geeso), Kid Montana (Rubriz), Kimo, Kindaichi KosukeKing of Diamonds, King of the CliffsKen King (Koko, Danny), Socks Kinsella (Eddie), Kio-HakoKioga (I) (Mokuyi), Dr. Kitsura, KitukMoris Klaw (Isis), Loke Klingsor, The Knight, Ko Daung, Komako KoaKogoro Akechi, Sun Koh (Jack Holligan), Koji, Korean Boys, Kovintan, Kowa, Koyala, Horst Kraft (Mokitu), Doktor KubaKulafu, KumarKunlun MonksKurama TenguKuroda Morio, Vicitra Kuta, Kwan Ah Hing, Kwo Sung Tao 

Lady Cavalier, Lady GhostLady in Red, Lady of the Roses, Ladyland, Narayan LalLampiao, Lao CanLeatherface (II), Lee Fu Chang, Gaff Lee, Lucio Leon, LeyakLi Ch’ih-chün, Li Fei, Li Feifei, Li Ku Yu, Li Lung, Li Meng, Li Moh, Li Mu Bai, Li ShoonLi-SinLim QuongLion Man (II), Lion Ruler of the JungleLittle Orphan Annie (Punjab), Lo-Peng, Lobangu, Lone Eagle (I)Lone Ranger (Tonto), Long Menghua, Lord of the JungleArsin LoupinLouw Tjheng Tie, Aunt Lu, Fourth Madam Lu, Judge LuLu BinLu Ping, Luis

Ma Yongzhen, MaboMad Scientist (IV), Jose Manuel Madero, Magic Boy, Magic EyeMagician (I), Magician (II)Mah le Sinistre, Mah-TopaThe Major (Jim), MalaMandrake the Magician (Lothar), Frank Manley (Inow Sato), Mary Manners, Margaret, Pablo & Sidney (Sidney), Richard Marlowe (Nicholas), Martians (misc.), Masaki, Juan MasiliMasked Cavalier, Masked Rider (I)Masked Rider (II) (Blue Hawk), Masked TerrorJigger Masters (Mitsui), Idon Matambayi, Sadiu Mattchu, Jan Mayen (Clive), Violet McDade (Nevada Alvarado), Captain Craig McKenzie (Simba), Mendax (II), Bhaskara Menon, Patjar Merah, Mariano Mercado, John Meredith (Yussuf Khan), Frank & Dick Merriwell (Young Joe Crowfoot), Padre Metri, Mr. Middleton (Emir Achmed Ben Daoud), Minnalkodi, Si Mirah, Mister E (Ling Su), Mr. Mystic (Council of Seven), Mistress of the Spear, Debendra Bijoy Mitra, Moab, Moctezuma, Mohan, Maria Molambo, Momotaro (I), Momotaro (II), Dr. Morel, Dr. Ralph Morgan (misc.), Mister Moto, Motor Cycle Chums (Wing Lung), Mu-Fa, Muththaiyan 

Nameless Hero, Nan, Nan Guotai, Nancy, Nanuk, Nara-Nara, Natas, Eyene Ndongo, NeeraPancho Negrete, Nena Sahib, New Leatherstocking (Tungas), Ng' Kee He, Ninja Boy, Ninja Woman, Niu Bi Zi, Harold Noice (Keyto), Dick Norton (Wanagu), November Joe, Nyctalope (Gno Mitang)

Oceyolotl, Oda KazuenosukeOfficer 777, Ogino ShigejiOgon Batto, Oka-Shima, Oka-Yuma, Sadipe Okukenu, Old Mandy, Pat O'Maley (Loup), Omar, Omar the Black and Omar the Red, Onogawa KisaburoOoka Echizen, Terrence O'Reilly (Prince Vinnie), Osman 

Pa-Phu, Quentin Pace (Henry Fuller), Maria PadilhaPadmavati, Padmini, Mike PalabrasJoe Palooka (Smoky), Park Avenue Hunt Club (Wu), The Parson, Patmacani, PatoruzuPawney Bill, Pedro & Lourenco, Bronc Peeler (Little Beaver), Pel Pelham (circus folk), Peluk, Judge Peng, Pete (I), Pete (II), Dick Peter, Eric Peters, Ma Pettengill (Lew Wee), Phantom (II), Phantom (III) (Jungle Patrol, Guran), Phantom Crook (Soo Hoo Duck), Phantom Thief (II), Phaster Phene, Pirate Queen (I), Si Pitung, Placido, Plum Blossom, Juan Poker, Victor Poten, Prempeh, Peter Prime (Ahnotah), Prince of Gamma, Princess Iron Fan, Prosecutor, Purple Hood, Maung Pyon Cho 

Qiao Mao, Gimiendo Hernandez Quinto, Quong Lee 

Ragabouche, Navajo Tom Raine (various Dine'), The Rajah, Rajput, Rakshita, Swami Ram, Pepe Ramirez, Rankanatan, Chander Rao, Raul (II), Ravenwood (Nameless One), John Rawlinson (Khorasan), Prince Raynor (Eblik), Red Archer, Red Beauty, Red Butterfly, Red Dragon, Red Falcon (Sika), Red Lady, Red Plume, Red Raider (Fu Ching), Red Shadow (Riff warriors), Red Whirlwind, Red Wolf, Gail Reddick, Dr. Renan, Reporter, Republica 3000, Carlos Ribera, Roberto RicardoRifle Certero, Rio Kid (Celestino Mireles), Prince RitudhwajaFriar Robusto, Roeslan, Rokambul, Maximo Roldan, Nick Roldan, Rombadode, Si Ronda, Rural Swordsman, Captain Rybnikov, Red Ryder (Little Beaver)

Indian Joe SaddleSagadaung-za, Rama SahibCaptain Sakuragi, Sam-neung, Samsoel'bahri, San Mao, San Sha, Sanders (Bosambo), Sandokan, Domingo Santos, Loreto Santos, Saotome MondonosukeDr. Lao Sars, Sarutobi SasukeSaudamini, Rob Saunders (Rufe), Doc Savage, Savage Woman, Secret Agent X-9 (Filipino valet), Secret Policeman, Seiichi Moriyama, Semi-Dual, Seven Monks, The Shadow (I) (Ming Dwan, Jericho Druke), Shankar, Shen Fu, Judge Shi, Shi Jianqiao, Shooting Gallery Kid, Baron Shtyurk, Sier Djoon, Silver Pistol Thief, Antonio Silvino, Simba, Simmering Sands (Ah Wong), Jim Sin, Sindhu, Ali Singh, Ananda Singh, Rama Singh, Virendra Singh, Sir John, Sitting Bull, Skulls of Terror, Walt Slade (Estevan), Florian Slappey, Smilin' Jack (Fat Stuff), Aurelius Smith (Langa Doonh), Don Alvarado y Miraflo Smith, K.C. Smith (Mohammed Ali), Say-and-see Smith (Ninh Bang), Ugly Smith (Kamaka), Raden Soebrata, Song Dangping, Song WuqiSonia, Sorak, Soroku Komuro, Souw Lian Eng, Spider (I) (Togo), Spider (II) (Ram Singh), Spider Queen, Spirit (Ebony White), Spirit of the Broom, Red Steele, John Steppling (Hi Ling), Bob Sterling (Pancho), Ed Stone (One), The Stranger, Street Thug, Strongarm, Dick Sttirling, Sturmvogel (Old Grey), Sugata, Sugita, Raden Sukarman, Los Supersabios, Allan Swain (Ho Fou), Swamba, Tom Swift (Eradicate Sampson, Koku)

Abu Tabah, Tahara (Mahatma Sikandar), Taishan, Takuji, Pancho Talero, Talia, Tam (Lozong), Tanavan, Tange Sazen, Tao Ger, Tecumseh, Thet-pyin, Chuck Thompson (Jigaboo Jones), Three Good Men (Diego de Abules), Three Samurai, Thunderbolt (II), Tim & Tom (Tom), Ting-a-ling, Si Tjonat, Togo Fujio, Tokichi Kuginuki, Tom (II), Tong-KhanRolf Torring (Pongo), Ted Towers (Ali), Martin Track (Grip, Japanese servants), Silver Trent (Gracia, Pablo the Pious), Sir George Llangolen Trevor (Abdool Mohammed), Mark Turner (Wu Sing), Billy Two-Fox, Two Swords NuxiaHugh Tyrone (Babe Jefferson) 

Uha, Uirassu, Umlosi, Umon Kondo 

Vaiti, Vantolio, Vincente the Yaqui, Virakecari 

Wa Lee, Wan Tengri (Bourtai), Wat Song, Sparky Watts (Yoo Hoo), Dick Welland, Wen Suchen, Wennonga, Wenonah, Harry Wharton (Hurree Jamset Ram Singh), White Eagle (I) (various Indigenous Americans), White Eagle (II) (No Thunder), White Phantom (various Indigenous Canadians), White Swallow, White Twister, Lee White (seven Bambegna), Wildcat (I), Wildcat (II), Tex Willer (Tiger Jack), Hurricane Williams (various Samoans & Tongans), Jack Wilson (Native companion), Wing, Wing Loo, Winoga (I), Winoga (II), Wo Fan, Wolf of Kabul (Chung), James Lee Wong, Mister Wong, Peter Wong, Wong Sun, Wu Fang (I), Wu Fang (II), Wu Fang (III)

Xu Changyun, Xue Rengui 

Yalishi, Yama Koto, Yang E, Yang Yuchun, Mr. Ye & Ms. HuangYellow Ghost, Doctor Yen Sin, Yi Zhimei, Yika Trio (Komm), Maung Yin, Yorga (Indian yogi), Young G-Man, Young Samurai, Young Wild West (Charlie Watson, Hop Wah, Wing Wah), Mock Don Yuen, Yuha, Yun Mei 

Zalor, Zambo, Zeng Fuchou, Zenigata Heiji, Zhan Mubai, Zhao Lin, Zhong Kui, Zigomar (I) (Romany), Zigomar (II), Zigomar (III), Zigomar (IV) (Chi Yang), Khun Zivan, Zobi (various)

Rootless Veteran. The global economy underwent a recession following World War One. Such things usually happen after wars—wartime economies shift to peace economies, returning soldiers swell the ranks of the unemployed, and so on—but the war had badly damaged the industries and infrastructure of the European countries, caused countries to borrow money to pay for the war effort (which led to inflation), wiped out a significant percentage of the labor force, caused countries to incur large war debts, and removed the Russian market entirely. The post-WW1 recession lasted until the mid-1920s in Europe.

Because of this recession, many soldiers newly returned home were unable to find work and became the “New Poor.” Beyond their poverty and inability to get a job, they also suffered from a disconnection from society and a perceived lack of purpose or place. In reality many of these joined politically activist organizations, left-wing, right-wing, pacifist, or (in the United States in the early 1930s) the Bonus Army. In fiction, these soldiers, the Rootless Veterans, became adventurers, master thieves, and vigilantes. Unlike most of the other categories in this appendix, the Rootless Veteran is usually only the starting point for the character, rather than the eventual destination. (Demobbed veterans who return to the comfortable lifestyle they had before the war, like Colonel Cloudsdale and Victor Caryll, are not included here).

Tommy & Tuppence BeresfordBrigandWireless BryceJames Clarkson-PerryJimmie CordieHarry DangerfieldJohn DaviesClive DorryBulldog Drummond, Gang-Smasher, Peter KerriganMajor John T. LacyRoderick McKay, Tiny Meldrum, Phantom Detective, Scarlet Fox, Steeley, Substitutes, Limited

SCIENCE!. In pulp fiction there is science, which is usually related however tangentially to ordinary physics, chemistry, and biology, and there is SCIENCE!, which involves fantastic inventions, creations, and conceits which are entirely impossible but which would be explained by the characters involved with their creation by a hand-wave and a triumphant “I created it using SCIENCE!” 

Ace AinsworthWenzel AporiusArmando (misc.), Atalanta (Professor Dodd)

Professor BarterThe Bat (I)Dr. BelsidusVictor BlakeBoy Inventors

Captain Future, Captain Justice (Science City), Doctor CarescoFred CawthorneChinese Mad Scientist, ClevDoctor Conklin

Dr. de BrutelDerrickson DeneProfessor DielDoctor DeathDoctor Satan

Thomas Alva EdisonElektropolisEllTom EmersonEl Espectro (Professor Zacary)

Dr. FlaxTimm Fox (Captain Black), Dr. Fulminate

Gadget ManSparkington Gapp, Gentleman of the Air, Ben GleedWalter Goodwin (Murians), Gorm (Uraniden), Sam Graves

Hidden HandHomura Soroku (Dr. Otone)

JackJerusalemJimGrim (Atlantean city in the Gobi Desert), Jin Yaose (gyno-utopia)

James KestnerJohn Kling (misc.), Loke KlingsorSun Koh 

LadylandBradley Lane (Marnee), Lemurian Documents, The Lightning

The Man From Nowhere, MariPepaMazalier, Captain Craig McKenzie, Mentorians, Miraculas, Charlie Moran (Professor Moran), Phil Morgan, El Murcielago 

Nan Guotai, Number 3, The Nyctalope (Baron Glo von Warteck)

Terence X. O'Leary (captive scientists)

Padmavati, PharaohHarry Piel (Professor Terlan), Victor Poten, Professor Powerby 

Sanford Quest, Peter Quill 

Professor Radium, Reo Ratt (misc.), Lance Reardon (Reardon & Captain Mephisto), The Red Circle (various), Republica 3000Rin-Tin-Tin (I) (Chinese), Buck Rogers (Dr. Huer)

Sankro (Professor Crucius Henneken), Doc Savage, The Shark (Dr. X), Scientific Silas, Spanish Explorers (Polar Vampire), Stanley Stanfield (Ward Barnett), Professor Strang, Sunbeam Valley 

Titan (II) (father of Bruce)


Joe West, Jack Wright 


Fernando Zabal, Khun Zivan, Zolok, Zorak, Alex Zorka co

Scientific Detective. A “scientific detective” is a detective who uses the most modern scientific devices–a point the stories emphasize, repeatedly and at often tedious length–to solve crimes, and whose solutions to mysteries comes as a result of his or her scientific theories and devices. The archetypal Scientific Detective is Craig Kennedy.

Thomas Ashley

Pelham BondDixon Brett

Charles DagettDetective Duck

Dr. Feather, Charlie Fenwick, Alan FordKenyon Ford

Dr. Daniel Goodrich, Panther Grayle

John Hale, Barnabas Hildreth

Doc Judson

Arnold Keene & Bernard Young, Craig Kennedy, Blackstone Kent

Bradley Lane, Lynn Lash

Professor Armand Macklin, Magnum, Till MarksDr. Jeffrey McNeill

Lee Nace, Newton, Cyrus North

Sgt. C.O. Ponder

Sanford Quest

Proteus Raymond

Doctor Thorndyke, Luther Trant

The Voice (I) (Shirley), 

South Seas Adventurer. The “South Seas adventurer” is a wandering character, usually a sailor, who travels around the islands of the South Pacific and finds adventure there. 

BantanCaptain BarrettBellow BillBinnacle JimTyphoon BradleyBob BraybrookeCoppernob Buckland

Jack CameronCaptain CarelessHein Class (Chinese & Americans), Cock-EyeCorrigan

Deacon, Swede, and Jellybean

Billy Englehart

Jorn Farrow (misc.)

Shark Gotch

Ted Jones

Ken King

Dick Lestrange

Ponga Jim Mayo, Gwenn McKay, Captain McTeague, Tod Moran

Red O'Neill

Barbe Pivet

Ray Mon Hai, Carlos Ray

Sam, Sigurdson, Singapore Sammy, Captain Slocum, Ugly Smith, Stinger Seave 

Rolf Torring (Java Jim)


Hurricane Williams, Wyatt 

Spinster Detective. The “spinster detective” is an elderly, unmarried, female amateur detective whose crime-solving acumen is larger than the male police who fail to solve the crimes she succeeds at. The archetypal Spinster Detective is Jane Marple

Adelaide AdamsAmanda & Lutie BeagleMinnie Birch, Hester Gregg, Jane MarpleDaisy Jane Mott, Rachel Murdock, Matilda Perks, Miss Phipps, Maud Silver, Jane Sprood, Ethel Thomas, Matilda Townsend, Lace White, Hildegarde Withers

Superhuman. This category is broadly defined as including any human being who has abilities which are impossible in our world, from various psychic abilities to greater-than-human physical abilities to magic powers. This category does not include individuals who rely on tools or weapons to grant them superhuman abilities. (Which is why Kimball Kinnison is not here). Casual observers of the pulps have traditionally been under the impression that a large number of pulp characters were superhuman, while certain pulp aficionados have stridently denied that any pulp characters had superpowers. As can be seen from the following list, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

AC-12 (misc.), Dr. Payson AldenHassam AliAlrauneAmarbalAtalantaAvenger (II)Aztoc

BaldiesDan BarryLuna BartendaleBeikerBelBlack Bat (II)Black DiamondBlack Mask (III) (mesmerist), Black RavenBlue ManBokulmoonShirley BowmanOld King BradyVictor BrandMister BrentBilly BrownBen Bryn 

CagliostroCapitan MisterioCaptain HazzardCaptain ZeroMax CarradosDr. CarsonCelestia (Stilleter), Chandu, Mr. ChangChibisukeChu-ShengCiclon (I)CicloneHamilton CleekColossus, Cat ColtLe Droit ConnersNorman ConquestCorsair XSheila CrerarDr. Theodore Cunliffe

Hugo DannerDaxoDr. de BrutelMajor DeanLucien DelormeDoctor DolittleDexter DrakeDrudeSar DubnotalRobert DupontPaula DupreeJohn DurstonDr. Dyenis

Eagle Eyes, Earani

Pussy FaneEl FantasmaFascinaxFelifaxPhil FlashSolange FontaineFrankenstein

Gagaklodra, Dr. GodfreyGolden AmazonGolden Mask, Jubal GrailGreen Lama

Colin Haig (Mme. Vanderdonk), Hugo Hercules, Robert HerneHarry Hill, Jack Hilton, Hodomur, Hogbens, Hiram HollidayKay Hoog (Lio-Sha), Horse-Sense Hank, Tom Hypnos 

Phileas Immanuel, Invisible Man (I), Invisible Man (II), Iron Man (opponents)

Jolly Jack Johnson, Eddie JonesMarc Jordan (Comte de Cazales), Jumelia

Kachinskiy, Ketelbinkie, Athelstan King (mahatma), Hugo Kipp, KlaraMoris Klaw, Loke Klingsor, Richard KnightKoyala, Kram 

Lady Ghost, Andrew Latter, Pippi Longstocking, Lothel, Letty Lou, Lubineski

Doctor MabuseMagic BoyMagic Eye, Magician (I)Magician (II)Mala, Man with a Thousand Faces, The Man with the Molten Face, Frank Manley (Inow Sato), Mary Manners, William Manners, Diana Marburg, Dr. MartinusDan McCormick, Captain Craig McKenzie, Squeakie Meadows, Patjar Merah, Warren Mercer, Olga Mesmer, Mesmerist, Mexican Man, Miramar, Mr. Mystic, Mister Nothing, The Mocker, Momotaro (I), Momotaro (II), Phil Morgan, Dr. Ralph Morgan, Aarn Munro, El Murcielago, M. Mystere (WW2 veterans)

Andre Narcy (Living Men), Natas, Neera, Jack Nelson (Ta Clo), Night Wind, The Nyctalope

Ogon Batto, Omar, Scarlet O'Neil, Neils Orsen, Owl Witch 

Pao Tcheou, Fred Parker (mesmerist), Doctor Patki, Patsy (Phantom Magician), Dr. Brian PellieMiles Pennoyer, Phantasma (murderous mesmerist), Phantom (I), PharaohPhaster Phene, Pa Pinkelman, Si Pitung, Popeye, Prince of Gamma, Princess RadostPsychic Detective 

Swami Ram, Chander Rao, Raul (II), Ravengar, Ravenwood, Vera Ray, Red KnightDr. Rigas (gangster test subject), Rolf Rodewald (misc.), Jens Rolf, Joe Rollon, Janos Rukh, Russian Strongman 

Sankro, Dr. SantroSarutobi Sasuke, Alexander Sejr (Dr. Stefan Grange), Semi-Dual, The Shadow (I), Doctor Silence, Herve Silenrieux, John Smith (II), Still Face, Philip Strange  

Tahara, Targa, Tarsa, Dr. Taverner, Rolf Torring (Tibetans, Indian shah), Silver Trent, Don Triqui, Grigorii Trirodov 

Ubermenschen, Umlosi 

Aylmer Vance, El Vengador, Andreas Vesalius, Virus, Dotty Virvelvind, The Voice (I), Dr. Voluntas, Claire Voyant, Norton Vyse    

Waldo the Wonder Man, Artie Waters, Sparky Watts, Pam Wayne, White Twister, Tex Willer (Mefisto), Wilson, George Witherspoon, Wolf-Devil, Dr. Xavier Wycherley 

Dr. X 

Yorga, Anton York 

Zalor, Zara, Dr. Zarkov, Khun Zivan (mystic lamas of Tibet)

Tall Tale Teller. As long as men have been interested in sex, fishing, and drinking, there have been tall tale tellers, whose stories are as rich in entertainment as they are poor in truthfulness. As far as pulp fiction is concerned, the archetypal Tall Tale Teller was Karl Friedrich Hieronymous, Baron von Münchhausen (1720-1797), immortalized in Rudolf Raspe’s Baron Münchhausen's Narrative of His Marvellous Travels and Campaigns in Russia (1785) and imitated by characters in this book in various ways, including Baron Münchhausen (II).

Bobby Benson (Windy Wales), Thibault CordayCurlyBaron de CracDoctor DogbodyLefty Feep, Ghanada, Henry Gibson, Boomer JonesCal Jones, Joseph JorkensKarmesin, Colonel Heeza LiarMurchison Morks, Baron Munchhausen (II), Mr. Pagett, Rawhide Rawlins, Red Saunders, Josh Stebbins, Windy Willy

Unlucky Inventor. A recurring character type in science fiction of the pulp era is the brilliant inventor whose creations never quite work out as planned, with wacky zaniness resulting.

BagleyProfessor BranestawmArchibald CatfitzCenterbe ErmeteMr. Fosdick, Harley Gale, Sparkington GappDr. Hackensaw, Mr. Hawkins, Professor Hicks, Professor Homer Higginbottom, Henry Horn, Professor Jephtha JonkinMendax (I), Jerome Mudgewood, Pat Pending, Professor Persikov, Hiram Pertwee (I), Tubby, Uncle Silas, Haskel van ManderpootzProfessor van Wagener, Professor Wagner, Oscar Wilbury, Tadbury Wimple, Dr. Xenophon Xerxes Zapt

Wanted Man. A stand-by of pulp fiction (in any medium) is the Wanted Man, the innocent man (or woman) wrongly accused who has to forever wander, one step ahead of the police.

Olaf K. AbelsenNick AlbertApache & Wagonwheel (Apache)

Brazos BellDuke Buckland

Captain MontanaHawk Carse (Leithgow), Comanche KidThe ConvictJim Curry

Dick DarrellTerry Dennis, Dodge City KidJohn Doe (II)Bert DonaldsonBuck Duane

Firebrand (II)Flying JusticeCaptain Frass, Nick Fury

Billy Jenkins

Rowdy Lang, League of Avengers, Leikhveis, Long Sam LittlejohnArsene Lupien

Pinto MartinMasked Rider (II), Rod MasonMavericks (Flint Maddox), Tensleep Maxon

Nick, Night Wind 

Oklahoma Kid 

Storm Peters 

Red Falcon 

Secret 6, Sigurdson, Silver Buck, Spring-Heeled JackFlash Steele

Sonny Tabor, Tonto Kid (I), Two Pistols 

Tex Willer 

Young Pete 


What's All This, Then. The What’s All This, Then is a specific type of policeman usually seen in British detective fiction, although they are not unknown to American mysteries. The What’s All This Then is blundering, blithe, officious, not overly intelligent but cunning, cheerful, and close to (if not stepping over the line into) bullying–the type of policeman who will intrude into any situation with a loud “What’s all this, then?”

William BeefP.C. BelbinJohn BoddyBloodhound BrantInspector Byrne

Sergeant Dean

Laurence Gilmartin, Inspector Gramport

Superintendent Hannasyde, Inspector Headcorn, Cuthbert Higgins, Inspector Hornleigh

Mr. Macauley, Superintendent MallettP.C. McGinty, George Meatyard, Inspector M'Guire, Superintendent Minter, Inspector Mitchell

Inspector Penk

Inspector J. Rason

Sergeant Scarfe, Detective Inspector Shane, Inspector Shelley, Jack Slade, Smithy

Inspector Widgeon, Inspector Wren 

John Yardley, Inspector York 

White Peril. It is perhaps unfair to make this a separate entity, as it implies some sort of equivalency with Yellow Perils, but there is a tendency in genre pulp fiction produced by Asians (and occasionally Europeans—see Sandokan) to portray white people, either individually or as a group, as cartoonishly evil and filled with lust, spite, malice, and a desire to subjugate all the non-white races, in much the same way that the Yellow Peril stereotype portrays Asians individually and as a group. There is not the same distinct evolution in the White Peril stereotype as there is in the Yellow Peril stereotype, but it is a recurring trope. The White Peril character isn’t simply an evil white man or woman, but someone whose evil is so over-the-top, so ludicrously overdone, so full of evil plans for non-whites, that they are as ridiculous, unrealistic, and the product of bigotry as the Yellow Peril character. 

Agent YZ7 (British), American SpyJohn Andrews 


Chinese Pirates 

Dankichi (Europeans)

Fuhrman Chu (misc.), Fuji (misc.)

Gand'oki (British)

Hiroshi (US & UK), Huang Zhisheng (European countries, USA)

Japanese Inventor (USA), Japanese Patriots (the entire West)

Koyala (Dutch, misc.)

Mabo (British), Patjar Merah (Dutch)

Eyene Ndongo (colonialist whites)

Ooka Echizen (misc.)

Prince of Gamma (misc.), misc.)

Kiriti Roy (femmes fatale)

Captain Sakuragi (every Western government), Sandokan (James Brooke), Seiichi Moriyama (white men from the east), Silver Tiger (US, UK), Sugita (US, UK, France, etc)

Takuji (USA), Togo Fujio (foreign spies)

Wen Suchen (European "restorationists"), 

Yellow Peril. The racist, anti-Asian stereotype of the Yellow Peril encompasses both Asians as an undifferentiated group and individual Asians (usually Chinese or Japanese but occasionally even Indian). The Yellow Peril stereotype has its roots in the anti-Spanish, anti-Catholic “Black Legend” of the 14th and 15th centuries, and in various fictional Asians in late 19th and early 20th century popular fiction. These individuals had four elements: military threat to the West, magical/sorcerous menace, revenge from wounded pride (either cultural or sexual/romantic), and crime lord living in the West. Fu Manchu (I) was the first Yellow Peril to combine all of these elements, and most (though not all) Yellow Perils following him were modeled on him more or less directly. 

Abdahalla-FanAC-12 (misc.), Ace of Spades (II) (misc.), Agent J (Chinese), El Alacran (misc.), Alaska-Jim (Opium Kings), Roberto Alcazar (misc., Fu Manchu (I)), Hassam AliFrank Allan (misc.), Amarbal, American Army (Chinese), Arizona Jim (Fu Manchu (I)),  Harald Ask (misc.), Awlo of Ulm (Kau), Dusty Ayres (Fire-Eyes)

Bain Children (misc.), Alan Baker (Black Dragon), Red Barry (The Flame), Rex Baxter (Lerzal), Jaime Bazan (Red Dragon), Max Beaumont (misc.), Bellow Bill (Chinese), Rex Bennett (Prince Haruchi), Knut Berg (Si Kahn), Bill (Sect of the Buddha), Bill and Samuel (Chinese), Black Abbott (Prince Wu Fang), Black Bird (misc.), Black Mask (III) (Chinese-Canadians), Black Sapper (Khansu), Rudolf Black (Chinese), Sexton Blake (Prince Wu Ling), BotakJack Bowden (Chinese opium den master), Old King Brady (Hi-Lo-Jak), Heinz Brandt (Chinese), Derrick Brent (misc.), Dixon Brett (Fan Chu Fang), Bronson Beta (Dominion of Asian Realists), Arthur Brooke (Chinese), Buffalo Bill (Lung Hi), Dick Bullitt (Shu Ling)

Inspector Cadman (Doctor Deo), Al Capone (I) (misc.), Captain Justice (Yong Huey), Captain Midnight (Barracuda, Ivan Shark, misc.), Captain Mors (Japanese airmen), Curtis Carr (Tibetan), Hawk Carse (Ku Sui), Dr. Carson (Tongs), Fred Cawthorne (misc.), Chanda-LungChandu (misc.), Mr. ChangCheng-TuChip (Tao Ling), Chu-ShengCigale (Emperor Tsou-Hsi), Mr. Clare (Indian plane builders), Hein Class (Buddhist stranglers), John Class (misc.), Winthrop Clavering (misc.), Jack Clayton (Chinese & Japanese), Clifford (Yuki), Sir Ralf Clifford (Chinese), Crash Corrigan (Unga Khan), Stony Craig (Tania), Captain Crouch (Chinese)

Joe Dal (Li-Ping), Ace Dallas (misc.), Bartholomew Dane (misc.), Colwyn Dane (misc.), Kurt Danner (misc.), Gilbert Davison (Japanese), Dr. Nancy Dayland (Golden Scorpions), Ray de Astur (Queen of Ceres), Death Angel (Tong assassins), Michael Dene (misc.), Detective Nobody (Baron Nogi & the Yellow Dragons), DeviDiamond Dick (misc.), Dikar (Japanese), Riley Dillon (Mr. Takashi), Dinky Dinkerton (misc.), Elaine Dodge (Wu Fang), Dick Donovan (misc.), Richard Drake (Wang Wu), Royston Drake (Wen Lun), Valerie Drew (misc.), Ace Drummond (Chinese), Ford Duane (Baron Odon), Duke (Dragons of Confucious), Dan Dunn (Wu Fang), Marcel Dunot (Mme. Eventail), Ted Dustin (P'an-Ku)

Val Easton (Carl Zaken, Chang Ch'ien)

Frank Faber (misc.), Fred Faber (Chinese pirates), Norbert Falk (Chinese), Jorn Farrow (misc., Dr. Singh Nokita, Lu Wang), Jack Fenton (Ming-Fu the Merciless), Ferry (Wu-Li), John Flood (Chinese crimelords), Flying Tramp (misc.), Four Musketeers (Yellow Dragon), Dan Fowler (misc.), Timm Fox (Sect of the Radiating Sun), French Aviator (misc.), French Commissioner (Chinese drug gang), French Pilot (Chinese warlords), Fu Manchu (I)Fu Manchu (II)Fuhrman Chu

Gales & McGill (Chinese mandarins), Claude Galloway (Chinese), Billy Gard (Chinese opium dealers), Captain Gardiner (Wu), Victor Gaunt (misc.), Captain Gauthier (Orienta), Captain Goodwin (Japanese), Flash Gordon (Ming the Merciless), Mr. Greenleaf (Japanese master spy), Maud Gregaards (misc.), Griffin, G-8 (misc.) 

Halloran (misc.), Francis Hardant (Natas), Bob Harder (Shih Yu, Fu Manchu (I)), Neil Hardin (misc.), Jimmy Harding (Wang-Hi), Kathlyn Hare (Umballah), Harald Harst (Doctor Shing Guddai), David Haslup (misc.), Hazard & Partridge (Koshinga), Helene (I) (Dr. Tokeramo), Harry Hill (opium den operator), Carter Holmes (Yellow Octopus), Stuart Holmes (opium kings), Martin Holt (misc.), Kay Hoog (Lio-Sha), Lt. Jarvis Hope (Tatsuma), Humanity (Chinese)

Nikolai Ignatiev (Chinese mandarin), Italian Adventurer (Mr. Wang, Gentleman of Color), Robby Ix (Li-tang-ho), IXE-13 (Taya) 

JimGrim (Dorje), Joao of Portugal (Zamar the Monster), Captain Jones (misc.), Ted Jones (Coral Prince, misc.), Genezyp Kapen (Murti-Bing), Ala KasaribGable Keen (misc.). Oliver Keene (Japanese), Nick Kennedy (Fang Wu), Khyzil KayaEthel King (Long Ho), Frank Kingston (misc.), Cameo Kirby (Wah Foo Wah), Dr. Kitsura (the Yellow Wheel), John Kling (atomic-powered Chinese), Richard Knight (Japanese), Koji (Chang Fow), KowaHorst Kraft (Shanghai opium kings), Kwo Sung TaoLynn Lash (misc.), Nelson Lee (Foo Chow), Terry Lee (La Choi San, the Dragon Lady), Vivian LeGrand (Hoang Fi Tu), Selston Leigh (misc.), Li Ku YuLi LungLi Shoon, Li-Sin, Lim Quong, Taffy Llewellyn (Yellow Dragon), Lo-Peng, Ferrers Locke (Tang Wang, Kang-Pu, many others), Rex Lonergan (misc.), Arsene Lupien (the Monster of Chinatown)

Maciste (I) (Japanese spy), Mah le Sinistre, Tommy Malins (misc.), Mandrake the Magician (The Octopus), Capitan Maravillas (Gold Scorpion), Marduk ("the East"), Till Marks (opium lords), Sean Marlin (Li Guer), Todd Marvel (Wang Tai), Masked Marvel (Sakima), Masked Warrior (misc.), Master Magician (Ching Fu), Joe Master (The Sphinx), Gaston Max (Mr. King), Captain McTeague (Po Sung, N'Yeng Sen), Mendax (II), Burton Meredith (Wu Fang), Miss Nobody (opium den operators), Mister Nobody (I) (Yellow Dragon), Mister X (misc.), Moker (One-Eyed Tibetan), Morel (Japanese), Phil Morgan (Ohi-Fu), Will Morton (opium lord, Japanese militarist), Miss Mousqueterr (Hindu priest), El Murcielago (ally of Senor Z), Jack Mylong (supernatural Chinese)

Natas, Jack Nelson (Ta Clo), New Buffalo Bill (Chinese), New Eccentric Club (Parisian Chinese), New Leatherstocking (opium dealers in San Francisco), Dorus Noel (Chu Chul the Cricket), Myra North (Ming Sin), Martin Numa (misc.), Number 13 (Chinese), The Nyctalope (Leonid Zattan)

Operator #5 (Moto Taronago), Oscar-Bill (Chinese), Michael O'Shea (The Painted Joss and the Sect of the Fatal Obligation)

Pao Tcheou, Fred Parker (misc.), Captain Donald Parr (Baron Huroki), Pearl (Silent Menace), Jack Pearson (misc.), Pelican (Blue Dragon), Peter the Brazen (numerous), Jurgen Peters (misc.), Phantom Detective (Li Hung), Harry Piel (misc.), Fred Pinkerton (Li Tschung), Nat Pinkerton (Chinese Karl, Li Lo Tsching), Pirate Queen (II) (Saba), Leon Pitaval (misc.), Eddy Polo (II) (misc.), Solar Pons (Fu Manchu (I), others), Victor Poten (Sonya Rokoff)

Biff Quade (various)

John C. Raffles (II) (misc.), Miller Rand (misc. Chinese), Noel Raymond (misc.), James Reading (Chen Yung), Red Dragon, Red Whirlwind (misc.), Redmask (Purple Emperor), Claudio Reni (Falchi Grigi), Gifford Renwick (Dr. Tsarka), Bob Reynolds (various), Rin-Tin-Tin (I) (Chinese), Tex Ripley (Lost Race Chinese), Captain Rob (Chinese), James Robertson (opium dealers), Rock (misc.), Rolf Rodewald (superhuman Chinese), Buck Rogers (Mongols), Kiriti Roy (Dr. Wong), Clemens Rubby (Hindus & Chinese), Grant Rushton (Malaysians), Captain Rybnikov 

Rama Sahib (Ti-Chang-Liu), Satanas (I) (misc.), Allan Scott (Seeress of Luxor), Secret Agent X-9 (Nabura), Captain Seehorst (death cult), Seward of Sacatone (Blue Mandarin), The Shadow (I) (Shiwan Khan), Tom Shark (misc.), Tate Shevlin (Wu Shang), Baron Shtyurk, Sign of the Crimson Dagger (misc.), John Siloch (Fun-Kiau), Singapore Sammy (various), Ali Singh, Sonia, Speedy Spencer (Kwee Wong), Spider (II) (Ssu Hsi Tze), Fritz Stagart (opium dealer), Clipper Stark (Mongolian pilot), Hans Stark (Chinese), Stanton Stern (Ah Fang), Hans Stosch-Sarrasani (Chinese, Japanese), Lord Stranleigh (Japanese), Percy Stuart (misc.), Captain Fred Sturmer (Chinese pirate), Submarine Boys (Japanese spy)

Taine (Wing Loo), Talia (Australian Chinese), Fred Tarmun (Tea King of Peking), Harry Taxon (various), Texas Jack (misc.), Tim-Oteo (Chim-Chim), Mac Todd (Limehouse Chinese), Tong-KhanRolf Torring (half-African half-Chinese opium king), Derek Trent (misc.), Two Kids (misc.)

Ultus (II) (misc.)

Mr. Vandewater (Hussain Khan), John Vedders (misc.), Capitan Velez (Wizard of Shanghai), El Vengador (misc.), Venhez (Mongulions), Guy Vercheres (opium lords), Victor (Fu-Ching), Pancho Villa (Japanese spy), Victor Vincent (Fu-Mandchou) 

Tip Walter (Man of Masks), Mack Wan (misc.), Mr. Wang (I) (misc.), Robert Watt (Tongs), Sgt. Jimmy Wentworth (Kong Gai, the Nameless One), Joe West (Chinese pirate), Mrs. Caywood Weston (Chu-Sheng), Dan Williams (Japanese), Wing Loo, Wo Fan, Wu Fang (I), Wu Fang (II), Wu Fang (III) 

X-3 (Chinese)

Yellow Ghost, Doctor Yen Sin, Young German (Fu Chang)

Zarnak (Mongols), Zed-29 (misc.), Khun Zivan 

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