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Contact & Mile High. Contact & Mile High were created by Frank Richardson Pierce (Frying Pan Austin, CCC, Greaseball Donovan, Hardrock, No-Shirt McGee, Flapjack Meehan, Panhandle Pete, Dad Simms, Tip, Rusty Wade) and appeared in a number of stories in Danger Trail and Adventure Trails in 1928 and 1929, beginning with “Pontoons and Harpoons” (Danger Trail, Nov. 1928). Contact & Mile High are a pair of aviators active in the American Northwest. “Contact” Jack Sutton is a big, burly man. “Mile High” Denny O’Mara is a freckled little Irishman. They take money to do various jobs, including courier and passenger jobs, and take turns running the business as a way to alternate getting in trouble. They encounter crooked natives and white men.

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