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Selby, Doug. Doug Selby was created by Erle Stanley Gardner (Black Barr, Major Copley Brane, Terry Clane, Bertha Cool, Ken Corning, Speed DashJax Keen, Barney Killigen, Bob Larkin, Lester Leith, Señor Lobo, The Man in the Silver MaskPerry Mason, Ed Migraine, Patent Leather Kid, Phantom Crook, Paul Pry (II), Pete Wennick, White Rings, Gramps Wiggins, Bob Zane, Sidney Zoom) and appeared in nine story serials in The Country Gentleman and Saturday Evening Post from 1937 to 1949, beginning with “The Thread of Truth” (The Country Gentleman, Sept. 1936).

Doug Selby is the District Attorney of Madison County in California. Unfortunately the county seat is in the hands of a different party than the one which got Selby elected, so he often receives balky and unwilling cooperation from the county police. However, Selby is usually successful (when he is not going up against Perry Mason), even though other lawyers recently arrived in the county cause him problems, from big city mob lawyer Alphonse Baker Carr to Inez Martin, who had a crush on Selby in school and wants to marry him. Selby’s girlfriend is Sylvia Martin, a reporter for the local newspaper.

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