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Mason, Perry. Perry Mason was created by Erle Stanley Gardner (Black Barr, Major Copley Brane, Terry Clane, Bertha Cool, Ken Corning, Speed DashJax Keen, Barney Killigen, Bob Larkin, Lester Leith, Señor Lobo, The Man in the Silver MaskEd Migraine, Patent Leather Kid, Phantom Crook, Paul Pry (II), Doug Selby, Pete Wennick, White Rings, Gramps Wiggins, Bob Zane, Sidney Zoom) and appeared in eighty-three novels from 1933 to 1969, beginning with The Case of the Velvet Claws.

Perry Mason is a top defense attorney who solves crimes, usually inside the courtroom, so that his clients will not be unjustly convicted. He is assisted by his loyal secretary Della Street and by Paul Drake, a private detective who does most of the legwork for Mason.

* I'm including the Perry Mason novels in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of Mason's archetypal status. Perry Mason was hugely popular in print, enough so to spawn a radio show (1943-1955) and television series (1957-1966). So for 33 years Perry Mason fiction, in prose, radio, and tv, was a regular in his fans' lives. Eventually, for the American public, Perry Mason simply became the archetypal defense attorney, the character that people imagined when they thought of lawyers. That faded at length, of course--few archetypes borne of popular culture are truly immortal. But even today the phrase "Perry Mason" has a certain cachet, and the character remains well-known enough to that a new Perry Mason tv show started in 2020. 

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