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Clane, Terry. Terry Clane was created by Erle Stanley Gardner (Black Barr, Major Copley Brane, Bertha Cool, Ken Corning, Speed DashJax Keen, Barney Killigen, Bob Larkin, Lester Leith, Señor Lobo, The Man in the Silver MaskPerry Mason, Ed Migraine, Patent Leather Kid, Phantom Crook, Paul Pry (II), Doug Selby, Pete Wennick, White Rings, Gramps Wiggins, Bob Zane, Sidney Zoom) and appeared in Murder Up My Sleeve (1937) and Case of the Backward Mule (1946).

Terry Clane is a “brilliant young lawyer” who at age twenty-nine has served as a temple acolyte in China, had various other adventures there, and returned to San Francisco, where he opened his own practice. He knows “how to apply Oriental wisdom to Occidental problems,” which proves helpful on various cases. He is knowledgeable about Chinese culture and history, has many friends in Chinatown, and is served by Yat T’oy. Clane is wealthy, carries an ivory cigarette case, has contempt for modern life, and, just possibly, became rich by looting gold and gems from a ruined temple in China. Clane is also capable of limited meditation, which he learned at the temple as an acolyte and which he uses to concentrate on solving mysteries.

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