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Brane, Major Copley. Major Copley Brane was created by Erle Stanley Gardner (Black Barr, Terry Clane, Bertha Cool, Ken Corning, Speed DashJax Keen, Barney Killigen, Bob Larkin, Lester Leith, Señor Lobo, The Man in the Silver MaskPerry Mason, Ed Migraine, Patent Leather Kid, Phantom Crook, Paul Pry (II), Doug Selby, Pete Wennick, White Rings, Gramps Wiggins, Bob Zane, Sidney Zoom) and appeared in eight stories in Argosy from 1931 to 1934, beginning with “The Devil’s Due” (Argosy, May 23, 1931).

Major Copley Brane is an adventurer in China. “Free-lance diplomat, adventurer in international politics, Brane knew many things which even those who prided themselves upon their inside information did not even suspect.” Brane fights against the Japanese and on behalf of freedom and profit, hiring himself out to whichever government will pay him. At different times he is arrested for being a spy (not guilty), chased after as a profiteer (guilty), caught in a typhoon off of Macau, and repeatedly assaulted by criminals of all races. But Brane gives much better than he gets, taking on evil Japanese soldiers, Chinese river pirates, amoral gweilo adventurers, and all other types, and emerging in much better condition than his enemies. Brane is an alert man who is cold and deliberate when action threatens.

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