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Jingling Kid. The Jingling Kid was created by Frederick C. Davis (Donald O’Keefe Adams, Bill Brent, Duke Buckland, Carter Cole, Dennis Dayle, Murray Gifford, Cyrus Hatch, Mark Hazzard, Guy KerryPaul Kirk, Show-Me McGee, Moon Man, Operator #5, Radigan, Ravenwood, Secrets, Inc., Peter Trapp II, Peter van Dyk) and appeared in six stories in Western Trails in 1936 and 1937, beginning with “Skeleton Cache” (Western Trails, Apr. 1936).

The Jingling Kid is a wandering cowboy. He is a proud hot-head, immature, “freckle-faced and cocky,” and a loudmouth. But the only two things he owns that he can be proud of are the “bright new Colt he carried in his fancy gun harness—a weapon finer, he was sure, than any hombre in the West had ever owned. The other was a pair of Mexican spurs, spotlessly polished, gleaming like stars behind his worn-down heels.” His spurs jingle as he goes riding merrily along, hence his name.

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