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Hatch, Cyrus. Cyrus Hatch was created by Frederick C. Davis (Donald O’Keefe Adams, Bill Brent, Duke Buckland, Carter Cole, Dennis Dayle, Murray Gifford, Mark Hazzard, Jingling Kid, Guy KerryPaul Kirk, Show-Me McGee, Moon Man, Operator #5, Radigan, Ravenwood, Secrets, Inc., Peter Trapp II, Peter van Dyk) and appeared in eight novels and two stories in Triple Detective from 1938 to 1949, beginning with Coffins for Three.

Cyrus Hatch is an assistant professor of criminology at “a leading New York university,” as well as the son of “New York’s rugged police commissioner.” With that background and profession, it’s inevitable that Hatch would begin solving crimes himself, helped by his “impertinent” secretary Jane and by Danny Delevan, his bodyguard. Hatch is cynical and approaches clues as if, in his own words, “two and two need not necessarily add up to four.”

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