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Buckland, Duke. Duke Buckland was created by Frederick C. Davis (Donald O’Keefe Adams, Bill Brent, Carter Cole, Dennis Dayle, Murray Gifford, Cyrus Hatch, Mark Hazzard, Jingling Kid, Guy KerryPaul Kirk, Show-Me McGee, Moon Man, Operator #5, Radigan, Ravenwood, Secrets, Inc., Peter Trapp II, Peter van Dyk) and appeared in twenty-one stories in Western Trails from 1934 to 1937, beginning with “Muzzles of Menace” (Western Trails, Apr 1934).

Duke Buckland is a Wanted Man. Duke Buckland, alias “Black Jack Spade,” is wanted in every state west of the Mississippi, and with his sidekick “Kit” McCane is forced to continually wander. McCane, at least, thinks this is unjust: “Gosh, Duke…you’re squarer than the gents who are waitin’ to rope you. I know you’ve never robbed except to help somebody else—and you’ve never gunned anybody who wasn’t a skunk plumb in need of bein’ exterminated.” Buckland leaves a Jack of Spades behind after he Does Good. Buckland rides the snow-white pony White Man and has “blue eyes, sharpened by an eternity of riding the death-haunted owl-hoot.”

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