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Hazzard, Mark. Mark Hazzard was created by Frederick C. Davis (Donald O’Keefe Adams, Bill Brent, Duke Buckland, Carter Cole, Dennis Dayle, Murray Gifford, Cyrus Hatch, Jingling Kid, Guy KerryPaul Kirk, Show-Me McGee, Moon Man, Operator #5, Radigan, Ravenwood, Secrets, Inc., Peter Trapp II, Peter van Dyk) and appeared in six stories in Secret Agent X in 1935 and 1936, beginning with “Coffins For Two” (Secret Agent X, Aug. 1935).

Mark Hazzard is a “two-fisted, hot-tempered district attorney of King’s County, the youngest prosecutor ever to fight the People’s cause.” Hazzard is the “champion of a justice higher than the written law…if musty courtroom procedure failed to convict a prisoner whom Hazzard believed guilty, he took a lone wolf’s trail to mete out the punishment the guilty deserved. He was a terror to the lawless, a hard-hitting guardian angel of the wronged, a fearless wielder of his own brand of justice.”

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