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Dayle, Dennis. Dennis Dayle was created by Frederick C. Davis (Donald O’Keefe Adams, Bill Brent, Duke Buckland, Carter Cole, Murray Gifford, Cyrus Hatch, Mark Hazzard, Jingling Kid, Guy KerryPaul Kirk, Show-Me McGee, Moon Man, Operator #5, Radigan, Ravenwood, Secrets, Inc., Peter Trapp II, Peter van Dyk) and appeared in four stories in Ten Detective Aces from 1941 to 1942, beginning with “The Devil’s Playday” (Ten Detective Aces, Aug. 1941).

Dennis Dayle is a playboy adventurer who returns to his home city looking for a job at a newspaper, since he thinks that will be interesting. He approaches the Item, but the only job available is writing death notices, “to make a constructive attack on the field, open it up, solicit notices from every family that suffers a bereavement.” He begins doing so and discovers that a number of them are for murder victims. He becomes Dennis “Death-Notice” Dayle, an “obituary solicitor extraordinary” who visits the families of the recently deceased and ensures that murder victims are avenged. His girlfriend is childhood friend Pat Marsh.

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