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Sankro. Sankro was created by the Spanish creators Jose Canellas Casals (Amiel, Armando, Jaime Bazán, Black (III), Carlos and Marcos Bon, Bronkos, CesarJuditThalma Klan, Mario, Nick, Red Circle, Rin-Tin-Tin (I), Sam, Spaceman (II), Titán (II), Toby, Capitán Velez, Mack Wan, Fernando Zabal, ZimbraKhun Zivan) and Jesus Bernal and appeared in the comic strip “Sankro, el Meteoro” (Chicos, 1944).

Sankro is a Superhuman. A native of the Aragonese Pyrenees, Sankro, who dresses like an ancient Roman, has the powers of invulnerability, superstrength, and flight. He was originally Alejandro, a peasant boy, but the super-scientist Professor Crucius Henneken, inventor of SCIENCE! devices and owner of a secret lab in Monte Perdido, subjects Alejandro to various chemicals and treatments, and produces a superman. Sankro uses his powers to save villagers from floods, bears, wolves, and wicked Parisians.

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