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César. César was created by the Spanish creators Alfons Figueras and José Canellas Casals (Amiel, Armando, Jaime Bazán, Black (III), Carlos and Marcos Bon, Bronkos, JuditThalma Klan, Mario, Nick, Red Circle, Rin-Tin-Tin (I), Sam, Sankro, Spaceman (II), Titán (II), Toby, Capitán Velez, Mack Wan, Fernando Zabal, ZimbraKhun Zivan) and appeared in Cesar, El Hombre Relampago #1-2 (1940).

César is a Spanish adventurer who fights criminals around Europe, including evil architects, Mad Scientists who try to recreate Frankenstein's experiments, and masked death-ray wielding madmen.

Cesar appears in stories with titles like “The Glove of Death,” “The Monstrous Invasion,” and “The Band of the Wolf.”

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