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Rockford, Tommy. Tommy Rockford was created by Walker A. Tompkins (Arizona Thunderbolt, Border Eagle, Deo Daley, Desert Phantom, Firebrand (II), Kroom, Ozar the Aztec, Rio Rand) and appeared in fifty-two stories in Wild West Weekly from 1931 to 1943, beginning with “Plunder of El Dorado” (Wild West Weekly, Sept. 12, 1931).

Tommy Rockford is a Captain in the United States Border Patrol and is the “star rider of the Rio Grande Division.” Rockford left his father’s ranch, the Star W in the Texas Panhandle, to become a railway detective. After that he joined the Border Patrol and worked his way up. He is thirty-two years old, 6’2” tall, lean and bronzed. Rockford wears batwing chaps and a gray Stetson and wields twin gold-plated .45s. His headquarters are in El Paso, and he reports to Captain Sam Lodge. In at least one case he encounters the White Wolf; in another he tries to arrest the Border Eagle.

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