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Rand, Rio. Rio Rand was created by “Philip F. Deere,” a pseudonym which was used in this case by Walker A. Tompkins (Arizona ThunderboltBorder Eagle, Deo Daley, Desert Phantom, Firebrand (II), Kroom, Ozar the Aztec, Tommy Rockford), and appeared in six stories in Wild West Weekly in 1936, beginning with “Rio Rand of the Rio Grande” (Wild West Weekly, Mar 7, 1936).

Rio Rand is a “bronzed young cowboy” from Texas who stumbles across the only man living who knows the secret to the legendary Crescent Moon Mine. That man is the father of the pretty Edith Kinlay, and when outlaws try to pry the secret from him, Rio intervenes, and after securing the safety of Edith’s father, Rio and Edith ride out in pursuit of the bad guys.

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