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Ozar of the Aztec. Ozar of the Aztec was created by “Valentine Wood,” the pseudonym of Walker A. Tompkins (Arizona ThunderboltBorder Eagle, Deo Daley, Desert Phantom, Firebrand (II), Kroom, Rio Rand, Tommy Rockford), and appeared in six stories in Top-Notch Magazine in 1933, beginning with “Ozar the Aztec” (Top-Notch Magazine, Jan. 1933); the stories were collected in Ozar the Aztec (1935).

An American scientific expedition venturing deep into the mountains of Mexico discovers a Lost Race of Aztecs. The entire expedition is slaughtered with the exception of Larry Sterling, a newborn infant. The Aztecs see in Sterling the "predestined ruler of Karnux," said destinies speaking of a pale-skinned, fair-haired ruler. The Aztecs keep Sterling, now called “Ozar,” alive for twenty years, so that he will fulfill the "Five Sacred Commands of Mexlitl, the Sun God." In the end Ozar does fulfill the commands, in part by slaughtering the priests who are plaguing the otherwise peaceful city of Karnux. Ozar kills dozens of warriors and priests, but in the end, Karnux is liberated.

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