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White Wolf. The White Wolf was created by Hal Dunning and appeared in 117 stories and story serials in Complete Stories and Wild West Weekly and at least six story collections from 1927 to 1943, beginning with “The White Wolf” (Complete Stories, Feb. 1927).

Jim Allen is the “White Wolf.” Allen is a boyish-looking man in his mid-twenties who is content to do nothing more than wander around the western frontier of the United States during the 1880s. Unfortunately, trouble seems to find him with some regularity, and more often than he’d like he is called upon to use his guns. Allen is skilled and deadly with his guns, both quick and accurate, and he has left a long trail of dead behind him. (They all deserved it, though). Because of this he is wanted in every state west of the Mississippi. Allen has a twin, Jack, who became a U.S. Marshall, and despite Jim’s record Jack often helps him out, and vice-versa. On at least one occasion the White Wolf was hunted by Sonny Tabor.

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