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Firebrand (II). Firebrand (II) was created by Walker A. Tompkins (Arizona ThunderboltBorder Eagle, Deo Daley, Desert Phantom, Kroom, Ozar the Aztec, Rio Rand, Tommy Rockford) and appeared in six stories in Wild West Weekly in 1939, beginning with “Firebrand of the Rio Grande” (Wild West Weekly, Mar. 11, 1939).

Firebrand (II) is a Wanted Man. Young Jerry Turlock is the son of a gringo and is quite ordinary until he is kidnaped by the “vicious Mexican bandit chief, Red Hawk, at the age of three years.” He is raised to believe that his name is Firebrand and that he is a member of the “notorious Chihuahua Legion, which headquartered deep in old Mexico’s Sierra Caliente range.” Firebrand is raised to hate his biological father, Sheriff Jeff Turlock, the enemy of the Legion, but when Firebrand discovers his true identity, it is too late—a bounty is out on his head, and everyone hunts for him. Firebrand has to shoot one bounty hunter, and then everyone searches for him as a killer, when all Firebrand wants was to live in peace.

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