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Border Eagle. The Border Eagle was created by “Philip F. Deere,” a Street and Smith pseudonym used in this case by Walker A. Tompkins (Arizona ThunderboltDeo Daley, Desert Phantom, Firebrand (II), Kroom, Ozar the Aztec, Rio Rand, Tommy Rockford), and appeared in twenty-nine seven stories in Wild West Weekly from 1933 to 1943, beginning with “The Border Eagle” (Wild West Weekly, Nov. 4, 1933).

The Border Eagle is former U.S. Deputy Marshal Trigger Trenton, who currently wanders the Mexican-American border enforcing justice as a freelancer. He still carries his badge, and flashes it when necessary. He rides the leggy roan Flatfoot, and wields two bone-handled Colt. 45s. In at least one story he crosses over with Tommy Rockford.

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