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Geraldi, James. James Geraldi was created by “Max Brand,” the pseudonym of Frederick Faust (Dan Barry, Blackie & Red, Border Bandit, Angus Campbell, Dave Clovelly, Jim Curry, Ronicky Doone, Firebrand (I), Anthony Hamilton, Bull Hunter, Kid Montana, Doctor Kildare, King Charlie, Reata, Red Hawk, Silvertip (II), Thunder Moon), and appeared in eight stories and serials in Western Story Magazine from 1928 to 1932, beginning with “The Bright Face of Danger” (Western Story Magazine, Aug. 18, 1928).

James Geraldi is an “honest thief” who only steals from other thieves and who gives almost of all of his booty to those the thieves stole from, or to poor men and women in need of money. He is sleek, handsome, and has an “Oriental” look that leads one woman to compare him to a “black panther” and to Othello.

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