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Kid Montana. Kid Montana was created by “Evan Evans,” the pseudonym of Frederick Faust (Dan Barry, Blackie & Red, Border Bandit, Angus Campbell, Dave Clovelly, Jim Curry, Ronicky Doone, Firebrand (I), James Geraldi, Anthony Hamilton, Bull Hunter, Doctor Kildare, King Charlie, Reata, Red Hawk, Silvertip (II), Thunder Moon), and appeared in a story serial and three story collections and novels from 1934 to 1936, beginning with “Montana Rides Again” (Argosy, Apr. 28 1934).

Kid Montana is a cowboy. He is “known–and wanted–in Mexico as El Keed” and is supposed to be able to see in the dark. He is about to be married, more-or-less against his wishes, to Rosalita, a Mexican woman, when he is told that his old friend, the Robin Hood-like Mexican bandit Rubriz, needs his help, so Montana leaves his bride at the altar and rides off to help Rubriz. Much shooting follows.

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