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Hunter, Bull. Bull Hunter was created by “David Manning,” the pseudonym of Frederick Faust (Dan Barry, Blackie & Red, Border Bandit, Angus Campbell, Dave Clovelly, Jim Curry, Ronicky Doone, Firebrand (I), James Geraldi, Anthony Hamilton, Kid Montana, Doctor Kildare, King Charlie, Reata, Red Hawk, Silvertip (II), Thunder Moon), and appeared in five short stories and three novels and story collections from 1921 to 1924, beginning with “Outlaws All” (Western Story Magazine, July 9, 1921).

Charlie “Bull” Hunter is a good, kind, and gentle man with a child-like innocence. But he has the misfortune to be enormous–he has “tremendous bulk” and moves in a premeditated and slow fashion, “as befitted one whose hands might crush what they touched.” Fortunately for Bull, he has the friendship of Pete Reeve, a feared shootist, “as fast and as deft as the whiplash striking of a snake.” When Bull is endangered, Reeve is there to rescue him, but Bull, through his innocence and goodness, manages to succeed in a number of situations where belligerence would have failed him, even befriending “the Ghost,” a legendary wolf.

* I'm including the Bull Hunter stories and novels in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because they are well-written and charming. Well-written, because it was Frederick Faust (better known as "Max Brand") who was writing them, and he knew how to get the maximum effect out of the minimum number of words, and charming because the stories are sentimental without being cloying, Bull Hunter is an immensely appealing and genuinely morally good protagonist who Faust treats as he merit, Reeve is suitably badass for the stories, and the plots of the stories touch the heart without being manipulative. Highly recommended. 

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