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Doone, Ronicky. Ronicky Doone was created by “David Manning,” the pseudonym of Frederick Faust (Dan Barry, Blackie & Red, Border Bandit, Angus Campbell, Dave Clovelly, Jim Curry, Firebrand (I), James Geraldi, Anthony Hamilton, Bull Hunter, Kid Montana, Doctor Kildare, King Charlie, Reata, Red Hawk, Silvertip (II), Thunder Moon), and appeared in three story serials in Western Story Magazine in 1921 and 1922, beginning with “Ronicky Doone, Champion of Lost Causes” (Western Story Magazine, Oct. 29-Dec. 10, 1921).

Ronicky Doone is a flashy, high-living wandering cowboy do-gooder. He dresses as a dandy and has soft hands, but he is a paladin and a top shootist. He loves bright colors and brash acts, and is a handsome, “high-headed, straight-eyed, buoyant type.” He is a natural leader and shows a rare compassion for his enemies. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin.

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