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Caverly, Tim. Tim Caverly was created by Joseph O’Donnell (Rex Bennett, Billy Carson, Lightnin’ Bill Carson, Masked Phantom) and Wyndham Gittens (Jack Holt (II), Pal, Professor Strang, Three Musketeers (I), Wild Boy) and appeared in the film Ghost Patrol (1936).

Tim Caverly is a government agent, equally at home in the saddle or at the controls of a plane, who is hired to find out why so many mail-carrying planes have been crashing in the Shiloh Mountains. He discovers that Professor Jotham Brent has invented a “radium tube” which halts the operation of internal combustion engines, and that Dawson and Kincaid, a pair of criminals, have been holding Brent hostage and using his invention to bring the mail planes down and loot the wreckage. Caverly eventually triumphs over Dawson and Kincaid.

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