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Holt, Jack (II). Jack Holt (II) was created by Basil Dickey (Black Hawk, James Blake, Masked Marvel, Phantom Rider, Purple Monster, Lance Reardon, Stanley Stanfield, Tiger Woman), George H. Plympton (Lothel, Masked Marvel, Doctor Miller, Phantom Rider, Vanishing Rider, Wild Boy, Zara), and Wyndham Gittens (Tim Caverly, Pal, Professor Strang, Three Musketeers (I), Wild Boy) and appeared in the film serial Holt of the Secret Service (1941).

Jack Holt (II) is an agent of the Secret Service who takes on an unusually clever gang of counterfeiters. The gang kidnaps a Treasury agent and forces the agent to make a set of engravings, which allows the gang to print off undetectable counterfeit money. The Secret Service dispatches Holt and his tough-as-nails partner, Kay Drew, a.k.a. R49, to deal with the gang. They eventually infiltrate the gang’s mountainside headquarters and finish them off.

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