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Wild Boy. Wild Boy was created by George Morgan (Black Hawk, Silver Streak), Barney Sarecky (James Brewster, Tom Morgan, Three Musketeers (I), Tiger Shark), George H. Plympton (Jack Holt (II), Lothel, Masked Marvel, Doctor Miller, Phantom Rider, Vanishing Rider, Zara) and Wyndham Gittens (Tim Caverly, Jack Holt (II), Pal, Professor Strang, Three Musketeers (I)) and appeared in the film serial The Devil Horse (1932).

The Wild Boy is a Jungle Hero. The Wild Boy is a white boy who is orphaned during an Indian attack and raised by a pack of wild horses who are led by the great stallion Devil Horse. A few years later Wild Boy defends the pack against a gang of outlaws who want to steal Devil Horse and make him into a race horse.

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