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Three Musketeers (I). The Three Musketeers (I) was created by Colbert Clark (Pal, Professor Strang), Bennett Cohen, Wyndham Gittens (Tim Caverly, Jack Holt (II), Pal, Professor Strang, Wild Boy), Norman S. Hall, and Barney Sarecky (James Brewster, Tom Morgan, Tiger Shark, Wild Boy) and appeared in the film serial The Three Musketeers (1933).

The Three Musketeers (I) are Legionnaires. Clancy, Renard, and Schmidt are three members of the French Foreign Legion who are being attacked by a Berber tribe and are saved at the last minute by the appearance of Tom Wayne, an American aviator. They join together as the Three Musketeers, with Wayne as the Musketeers’ D’Artagnan, and fight El Shaitan, the masked leader of the Devil’s Circle, an anti-Legion conspiracy.

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