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Bennett, Rex. Rex Bennett was created by Ronald Davidson (The Lightning, Masked Marvel, Nyoka), William Lively, Joseph O’Donnell (Billy Carson, Lightnin’ Bill Carson, Tim Caverly, Masked Phantom), and Joseph Poland (Masked Marvel, Lance Reardon), and appeared in the film serials G-Men vs. The Black Dragon (1943) and Secret Service in Darkest Africa (1943).

Rex Bennett is a doughty, two-fisted agent for the American Secret Service who just isn’t going to put up with any foreign shenanigans, most certainly not during World War Two. So when the Yellow Peril Prince Haruchi of Japan and his sinister Black Dragon Society begin smuggling spies into the United States (through the dastardly trick of disguising the spies as mummies), Bennett is there, along with his British and Chinese counterparts, to stop them. And when the infernal Nazis set up a spy ring in Casablanca and in the jungles of Western Africa, Bennett travels to Africa to stop them, assisted by a French officer and a female American spy posing as a reporter.

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