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Pal. Pal was created by Colbert Clark (Professor Strang, Three Musketeers (I)) and Wyndham Gittens (Tim Caverly, Jack Holt (II), Professor Strang, Three Musketeers (I), Wild Boy) and appeared in the film The Wolf Dog (1933).

Pal is a dog who is wounded by wolves and left for dead. Frank Courtney finds Pal and nurses him back to health, and Pal repays Courtney by repeatedly rescuing him and saving him from the efforts of Norman Bryan to kill him. Bryan is not only Courtney’s guardian but also a traitor to the United States--Courtney has his eyes on a new electrical death ray which inventor Bob Whitlock has created. Thanks to Pal, Courtney is saved, Bryan is defeated, and the United States gains Whitlock’s death ray.

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