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Brewster, James. James Brewster was created by Karl Brown (Dr. Savaard) and Barney A. Sarecky (Tom Morgan, Three Musketeers (I), Tiger Shark, Wild Boy) and appeared in the film The Ape Man (1943).

James Brewster is a Mad Scientist. He and his assistant Dr. Randall believe that the world is in desperate need of the secret to turning human into ape-men, so Brewster fakes his own death and retires to a secret lab to conduct his experiments. Brewster injects the spinal fluid of a gorilla into himself, and the end result is that Brewster becomes the sought-for homo sapiens gorillini. Unfortunately, the life of a hairy, stooped, half-man half-ape is not quite what Brewster thought it would be, and Brewster finds that nights sleeping next to his pet gorilla are no substitute for nights with a woman. So Brewster sets out to find a cure, which regrettably includes spinal fluid freshly drawn from a human body. Randall questionably refuses to harvest specimens, so Brewster and his pet gorilla are forced to do it themselves.

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