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Morgan, Tom. Tom Morgan was created by Barney Sarecky (James Brewster, Three Musketeers (I), Tiger Shark, Wild Boy), Wellyn Totman, and Gerald Geraghty (Gene) and appeared in the film serial The Miracle Rider (1935).

In contemporary Texas Tom Morgan’s father is a Texas Ranger and a fighter for native rights. Morgan’s father is murdered, as is his friend Chief Black Wing of the Ravenhead Indians, so Tom joins the Rangers and teams up with Ruth, Black Wing’s daughter, to capture the murderers. This proves more difficult than either had anticipated, because the German spy and Mad Scientist Zaroff killed Morgan and Wing, and is driving the Ravenheads off their ancestral lands, so that Zaroff can mine the ore on the Ravenhead land and make X-94, the most powerful explosive in the world.

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