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Tapscott, Mr. Mr. Tapscott was created by William Wallace Cook (Victor Blake, Owen Clancy, Copernicus Jones, Everson Lumley, Motor Matt, Seward of Sacatone, Professor Spriggs) and appeared in “Marooned in 1492” (Argosy, Aug-Dec 1905).

Mr. Tapscott and his partner Professor Byng have discovered that the seeds of the plant Tempus fugitarius allow time travel into the past or future, fifty years per seed eaten. Tapscott wants to send a team of experts into the Middle Ages to raise the level of civilization, while Professor Byng wants to visit the Napoleonic era to do research for his book on military tactics. After much to-do Tapscott, Byng, and their assistants end up in Spain in 1492 without enough seeds to send everyone home. They finally send Columbus to the future (where he adapts nicely) to harvest enough seeds, and everyone returns home.

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