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Jones, Copernicus. Copernicus Jones was created by William Wallace Cook (Victor Blake, Owen Clancy, Everson Lumley, Motor Matt, Seward of Sacatone, Professor Spriggs, Mr. Tapscott) and appeared in “The Eighth Wonder” (Argosy, Nov. 1906-Feb 1907).

Copernicus Jones is a scientist whose inventions are always stolen or suppressed by large corporations. He is eager for revenge, and after gathering enough money he wires Horseshoe Bluff, an enormous cliff made out of iron ore, and converts it into a very large magnet. Jones’ plan is to “tease away” the world’s electricity and then sell it back for hundreds of millions of dollars. The new magnet attracts everything metal within twenty-five miles, but more importantly shifts the axis of the Earth, altering the climate of the northern hemisphere. Governments and corporations are unhappy about this, but Jones doesn’t care, and when he is attacked by local authorities he repels their attacks. The Latin American countries finally tell the U.S. government that they will declare war unless they deal with Jones, and Jones, realizing that he can’t stop an attack by the U.S. Navy, sells one of his inventions to a coal syndicate and then blows up Horseshoe Bluff.

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