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Lumley, Everson. Everson Lumley was created by William Wallace Cook (Victor Blake, Owen Clancy, Copernicus Jones, Motor Matt, Seward of Sacatone, Professor Spriggs, Mr. Tapscott) and appeared in “A Round Trip to the Year 2000” (Argosy, July-Nov 1903) and “Castaways of the Year 2000” (Argosy, Oct 1912-Feb 1913).

Everson Lumley, wanted for a crime he was hypnotized into committing, is pursued to the brink of suicide by detective Jasper Klinch. But Lumley is persuaded not to commit suicide by Big-Headed Dwarf Genius Dr. Alonzo Kelpie, who instead has Lumley pilot a time machine into the year 2000. The future is an unusual place, ruled by corporations and operated by android “muglugs” who are controlled by the “Head Center.” (There is also a small colony of time travelers). Lumley is acclimating himself to the future when Klinch reappears—he put himself into suspended animation—and conflicts with air pilots and a muglug uprising take place. A few of the time travelers escape back to the past, but the time machine is destroyed on arrival. In the sequel Klinch and the other time travelers in the future have taken control of the government and more conflict follows.

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