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Blake, Victor. Victor Blake was created by William Wallace Cook (Owen Clancy, Copernicus Jones, Everson Lumley, Motor Matt, Seward of Sacatone, Professor Spriggs, Mr. Tapscott) and appeared in six stories in Blue Book Magazine in 1911 and 1912, beginning with “Tales of the Twenty Hundred” (Blue Book Magazine, Dec. 1911).

Victor Blake is the greatest industrial magnate of the world of 2050, a time of SCIENCE!, including one-pill germicides, thought-reading psychographs, radium motors, and solar-powered airships. The world is divided into the Quadruple Alliance and the Federated States, with the Federated States consisting of the countries of Central and South America and the Quadruple Alliance including the United States, Great Britain, Europe, and Japan. Blake has already changed the world by blowing up the Aleutian Islands and thereby letting the "Japan Current" into the north, which has altered the climate of the Arctic, but that is not enough for Blake. He wants to "stabilize the axis of the world" by setting off a large series of powerful explosives near the North Pole. Blake believes this will create a more even climate across the world. Unfortunately, the Federated States are against this idea, because they believe that this will make the climate of Central America worse. Blake plans to push ahead anyhow, and the Federated States tries to stop him. Blake gets involved in various adventures trying to achieve his goal, including dodging the dreaded assassin El Cid and his electric rifle, stopping his beautiful fiancée Arlie Fortescue from being kidnaped, stopping the theft of his plans by a submarine-airship, stopping what seems to be a threat from Martians (who, interestingly, warn they will use apergy--an energy source first mentioned Percy Greg’s Across the Zodiac (1880)--to destroy Earth, but as it turns out are actually friendly towards Earth and to Blake), and being trapped and murdered.

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