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Spriggs, Professor. Professor Spriggs was created by William Wallace Cook (Victor Blake, Owen Clancy, Copernicus Jones, Everson Lumley, Motor Matt, Seward of Sacatone, Mr. Tapscott) and appeared in “A Gift From Mars” (All-Story, May-July 1906).

Professor Spriggs locates a newly fallen meteorite and digs from it a small black stone. Spriggs claims that he has recently received signals from Mars telling him where to locate the meteorite. He is captured by the guards of the insane asylum from which he escaped, and leaves the stone in the hands of a greedy hick, who uses the stone to turn iron into gold. The international financial market is endangered by the sudden influx of gold, but as Professor Sprigg had anticipated, the stone eventually breaks down and everything it changed returns to its original form.

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