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Clancy, Owen. Owen Clancy was created by “Burt L. Standish,” a pseudonym used in this case by William Wallace Cook (Victor Blake, Copernicus Jones, Everson Lumley, Motor Matt, Seward of Sacatone, Professor Spriggs, Mr. Tapscott), and appeared in 154 stories in New Tip Top Weekly from 1912 to 1914, beginning with “Frank Merriwell, Jr., or, The Camp on Wind River” (New Tip Top Weekly #1, Aug. 3, 1912).

Owen Clancy is a red-haired automobile mechanic whose skill earns him the title “the Motor Wizard” from his friend Frank Merriwell, Jr., the son of Frank Merriwell. Clancy usually works with the Merriwells, but in fourteen stories Clancy is on his own, operating the Square-deal Garage in Phoenix, Arizona with his friend Lafe Wynn.

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