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Reardon, Lance. Lance Reardon was created by Albert Demond, Basil Dickey (Black Hawk, James Blake, Jack Holt (II), Masked Marvel, Phantom Rider, Purple Monster, Stanley Stanfield, Tiger Woman), Jesse Duffy, Alan James, Grant Nelson (Masked Marvel), and Joseph Poland (Rex Bennett, Masked Marvel) and appeared in the film serial Manhunt of Mystery Island (1945).

Lance Reardon is a famous criminologist who is called in to solve a puzzling case. Dr. William Forrest, noted inventor, has disappeared while searching for the radium to power his Radiatomic Power Transmitter. Unfortunately, Forrest was taken by one of the men who own Mystery Island. The kidnaper uses another one of Forrest’s SCIENCE! devices, a transformation chair, to transform himself into Captain Mephisto, a pirate and the original owner of Mystery Island. The malign Captain Mephisto does what he can to force Forrest to disclose the secrets of the Radiatomic Power Transmitter, but he fails and Reardon captures him and frees Forrest.

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