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Phantom Rider. The Phantom Rider was created by Basil Dickey (Black Hawk, James Blake, Jack Holt (II), Masked Marvel, Purple Monster, Lance Reardon, Stanley Stanfield, Tiger Woman), Ella O’Neill (Black Hawk, Jack Lloyd, Kirk Montgomery, Stanley Stanfield), Henry MacRae (Professor Coxheim, Bob Evans, Kee-On-Ee, Jack Lloyd), and George H. Plympton (Jack Holt (II), Lothel, Masked Marvel, Doctor Miller, Vanishing Rider, Wild Boy, Zara), and appeared in the film serial The Phantom Rider (1936).

The Phantom Rider is a Costumed Avenger. In the Old West outlaws, led by crooked rancher Harvey Delaney, are trying to muscle the Graysons out of their Hidden Valley ranch. The outlaws kill Jeff Grayson, leaving only his daughter Mary to protect the ranch. Cowboy Buck Grant is sweet on Mary, so he puts on an all-white costume and, riding a white horse, becomes the costumed Phantom Rider, fighting the Delaney gang. The Phantom Rider wins and the Delaney gang loses.

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