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Jed. Jed was created by Nat Schachner (Kerry Dale, Redmask, Nicholas Street, Sam Ward, John Wayne) and Arthur Leo Zagat (Dr. Bain, Tiger Carlin, Dikar, Ford Duane, Ann Marsh, Tom, Dick & Harry, Doc Turner) and appeared in “In 20,000 A.D.” (Wonder Stories, Sept. 1930) and “Back to 20,000 A.D.” (Wonder Stories, Mar. 1931).

Jed is a Brain in a Jar. In the distant future the world is populated by Masters and Robots. The Robots are twelve-foot-tall, four-handed blacks with low intelligence, and they perform all physical labor. They are ruled over by the Masters, who are Big-Headed Dwarf Geniuses. The most intelligent of all the Masters is Jed, who is millennia old and telepathic. In the first story a farm boy from present-day Long Island accidentally travels to this future and joins the underground Robot movement. There is a revolt, but when the rebels confront Jed, he begins to disintegrate the rebels with his mental powers, as he had with a previous machine rebellion and an invasion from Jupiter. The farm boy flees and makes it back to the present. In the sequel Jed duels with a group of telepathic reptilian Neptunians and then commits suicide rather than accept the humiliation of defeat.

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