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Marsh, Ann. Ann Marsh was created by Arthur Leo Zagat (Dr. Bain, Tiger Carlin, Dikar, Ford Duane, Jed, Tom, Dick & Harry, Doc Turner) and appeared in eight stories in Detective Tales from 1936 to 1938, beginning with “Daughter of Dishonor” (Detective Tales, May 1936).

Ann Marsh is “a daughter of dishonor, her father dead by his own hand…she was a secret thief, stealing from those whose machinations had caused that suicide, and restoring to Laneville’s poor the charity funds of which they had been robbed by a smug, respected band of swindlers within the law.” After initial successes she is rescued and then helped by the “lithe, and insouciant, and rapier-like in the quick flash of his movements” Peter Corbin, another thief who becomes Marsh’s love interest and eventual husband. Marsh is “trim and slender and boyish” with “cropped, tawny hair.”

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