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Dale, Kerry. Kerry Dale was created by Nat Schachner (Jed, Redmask, Nicholas Street, Sam Ward, John Wayne) and appeared in “Old Fireball” (Astounding, June 1941) and “Jurisdiction” (Astounding, Aug. 1941); the stories were collected in Kerry Dale, Space Lawyer (1953).

In the future the dominant corporation is Kenton Space Enterprises, which is a vast interstellar corporate empire. In its legal department is a tall, determined-looking young man with a square jaw and “intent blue eyes.” He is Kerry Dale, who graduated summa cum laude from the Planet Law School. But after a few years of being used badly by his boss at Kenton, Dale resigns, insulting Mr. Kenton, a.k.a. “Old Fireball,” on his way out. Dale is determined to triumph on his own, and to pay Kenton back, and so Dale goes to work as a cargo wrestler in an inter-system ship. Dale gets in trouble but uses his knowledge of the law to save himself and then improve his fortunes. Once he’s done that, he begins a prolonged, though good-humored, duel with Kenton, who finds Dale irritating but also somewhat likable. Kenton’s daughter Sally finds Dale more than just that and falls in love with him.

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