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Redmask. Redmask was created by Nat Schachner (Kerry Dale, Jed, Nicholas Street, Sam Ward, John Wayne) and appeared in “Redmask of the Outlands” (Astounding Stories, Jan. 1934) and “The Son of Redmask” (Astounding Stories, Jul. 1935).

Redmask is a Costumed Avenger. In the fifty-fifth century there are four major cities in America, one fascist, one communist, one feudal, and one democratic. Plaguing all four cities is the outlaw Redmask, so-called because he wears a red fishbowl helmet which conceals his identity. Redmask flies an enormous, invisible airship and bothers the rulers of each city. He is actually Stephen Halleck, the jester in the court of the feudal world. At the end of the story Redmask forces the three unsavory cities to participate in a food airlift to the democratic city.

In the sequel the Yellow Peril Purple Emperor is succeeding in his plans to CONQUER THE WORLD! He has airships and rayguns powered by the magnetic field of the Earth, and even Redmask’s ship can be detected by the Emperor’s ships. But the new Redmask, the son of Stephen Halleck, succeeds in destroying the enemy fleet.

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