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Ward, Sam. Sam Ward was created by Nat Schachner (Kerry Dale, Jed, Redmask, Nicholas Street, John Wayne) and appeared in “Past, Present and Future” (Astounding, Sept. 1937) and “Island of the Individualists” (Astounding, Apr 1938).

Kleon is a Greek soldier, a commander under Alexander of Macedon who is separated from the fleet of Nearchus and shipwrecked, with his Egyptian sailors, on the Mexican coast among the Maya. But while traveling through the Himalayas he is shown a method of suspended animation, and rather than “rust away my remaining days among barbarians” he chooses to have himself subjected to this treatment. In the 20th century Sam Ward is a wandering adventurer, a veteran of China and a digger in Mesopotamia, a graduate of Harvard and an explorer of the “inner jungles of Guatemala.” He finds a pyramid inside of which is a glowing chamber and what seems to be a Greek soldier in full battle armor, but Ward is trapped within the pyramid by his native guides and then subjected to a flash of radium which gives Ward the same suspended animation which Kleon received.

Ten thousand years in the future Beltan is an Olgarch of Hispan who oversees the excavation of two bodies trapped within suspended animation. Kleon and Ward awaken, and then escape into the outer world with Beltan, who is more interested in the “rawness and chaos” of the outer world than in the stratified world of Hispan. In the sequel they deal with an alien invasion.

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